Studying devote a time and attention to acquiring knowledgeon.

Education is necessary in each highest hierarchy. Education is the key tosuccess. Education is the process of hone the knowledge and skills by studying.

The one purpose of education is gain knowledge, values and beliefs. Educationdivided in every stage, pre-school, primary, secondary school and college. Themethod in education is teaching, discussion, reporting and learning. Thismethod helps the students to understand easily the lessons to gain moreknowledge. There are student who was experiencing financial instability. That’swhy students are doing some way to fulfil and sustain their schooling. Studentswho experiencing financial instability was entering the life of beingindependent. Students will look for the part time job.

Students will be goingto work in shifts. Students will work only for few hours in a day. A workingstudent will aspire to become a professional. Students are working to fundtheir studies specially from lower socio economic status. ”College cost arehigh, and young adults also want the amenities that extra money brings,”according to John B.

Boshoven (2013)              A studentwho is working while studying was starting to build their own life. Studentsare using their skills to do both. Students are using their ability in startingto develop their personal characteristics such as managing their time, knowingtheir responsibility and organizing different things. It seems that a studentis working while studying is one of a sign of proverty.

There are somesituation that students are not supported by family when it comes to financialsupport that’s why their pushing themselves to work for them to sustain theirstudy. Being working student is not easy, students will get advantages from itbut it may also have an effect on their studies. In our generation there’s alot of working students. There is some cases why students are working becausestudents are curious about it and they want to improve their own skills. That’swhy researcher conducted research about working students to know what is thepossible reason why they are doing both.               According to Carnevale (2017) students who are employed while in highschool or college allocate their time more efficiently, learn about workplacenorms and responsibilities, and are motivated to study harder in their classesso they can achieve a certain career goal. It’s where they learn the importanceof showing up on time, keeping to a schedule, completing a list of tasks, andbeing accountable to a manager who might give them their first dose of negativefeedback so they finally realize they’re not as great as their teachers, parents, and college acceptance letters haveled them to believe.

It will also improve yourself awareness. Working also helpthem to better understand the careers pathway. According to Norman (2010)financial education refers to knowledge or an understanding on the importanceof money and the use of money. It answer the question, why spend on this opposedto that.

It can literally be summed up as the wise use of money.             Theresearcher will going to examine the ability of each students who is workingwhile studying. In this research, we will going to see the possible outcomes ofbeing a working students. It will also gives us the real happenings on eachworking students. This research investigates how various study and workcombinations affect academic performance.


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