Summary/Plot of Truesight (the book before this):Everyone in Jacob’s society is willingly or genetically blind. They all live in harmony together because no one can judge, criticize, or make a fool out of one another. In his community, they have cube, steel shops and schools with pitch black underground houses. Jacob has never experienced light or darkness before, but soon that changes.One day at school, he starts to feel a “searing” pain in his eyes and it is extremely painful. After a couple minutes the pain goes away but not for long. A couple of days later, the pain returns, but much worse. When the pain is gone he is able to see light out of his eyes. The light is just blurs at first but then it progresses, and he is soon able to see all colors and details as a “normal” person would see them. He learns what he has been missing and he loves it, but not everything is perfect. Jacob soon witnesses crimes going on and discovers that his parents aren’t who they say they are.After a while of living with sight, Jacob decides that he can’t keep the secret to himself anymore, so he comes up with a plan to tell his best friend, Egan. Egan soon learns that Jacob can see and he is absolutely shocked and terrified at the same time. Egan unwillingly then tells his father, who is one of the officials in the community. His dad spreads the news and everyone in Jacob’s community learns that they now have an aberration living among them. The officials, including Egan’s dad, know that they have to stop all of the commotion and decide that the best thing for the community would be to remove Jacob’s sight again and his memory of the past few weeks “with eyes”. There is only one problem, Jacob loves his “new eyes” and is heartbroken when he learns that they are about to be taken away from him. He then becomes determined to escape from the sightless community and runs away out into the open to keep the thing that he truly loves.Setting:The setting of the book is in many places. The biggest setting is the futuristic society of Melville where Jacob spends most of his time in the book. The second place is Harmony where Jacob and his friend are originally from and where they try to go back to. Jacob’s mind is the last setting because he dreams a lot and that plays a role in the book. All of these places are located on the distanced moon called Nova Campi, specifically on the vast plains there.  Characters:Jacob- He is the protagonist of the book. Jacob is a very cautious teenager but can also be brave sometimes. He was once blind and lived in Harmony but then regained his sight and decided to go live with the seers (people who can see). Jacob also has a special ability where he can slightly see into the future.Xander- He is a man in the book who helps Jacob find his friend Delaney and save her from the evil, cruel place Mixel. Xander was once in the military and tends to have very random fits of anger.  Delaney- She is the first person that decides to leave Harmony and explore beyond. Her ruel Dad is the leader of Harmony and makes up a story that she is dead so people don’t know that she ran away. After Jacob regains his sight he then goes out and looks for her. Jack- He is the main antagonists in the book. Jack is the one who is keeping Delaney captive in Mixel so that he can make money off of her. Climax:The climax in “The Seer” is when Jacob rescues Delaney from Mixel because Jack is holding her there against her will and refuses to let her go. After he rescues her they steal a hovercraft to get away. Shortly after that, Jacob passes out because Aulurian Flu, and almost dies. When he wakes up he is then able to see slightly into the future.Theme: The theme in this book is never give up and keep trying until you achieve your goal. This is represented in the book when jacob tries to go get Delaney back but keeps failing in his attempts. He never gives up and eventually he is able to rescue Delaney from Mixel. Plot:


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