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Richard D. Hanson

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20, 2018

Managing IT and Purpose of
Organizations Essay

Managing IT is a nothing not organizing
and managing things in IT and very important for every organizations to
maintain their company in well-mannered and structured form company. Each IT
company has its own model of managing things in their organization. In our
daily life, we manage things to finish up the work on time or achieve something
in life. Same way, IT companies manages its work. So, Management is the key
word for everyone whether it related to your life or company or doing any
things. F.Y. Taylor defines management as “Management is the art of knowing
what to do and then seeing it is done in the best and cheapest way”. Likewise,
organizations should set some sort of goals, responsibilities and purpose of

Today’s, IT companies are collaborating with
business function to achieve a goal of a company. Every IT company should have
organizational purpose. Without knowing purpose of the organization, then it
won’t have recognized as one reputation company. After reading two articles, I
understand that how important the organization must know it’s purpose and
following the “New Normal”. As we all I know, IBM has developed an “IT Process
Model”, this model helps the company maintain the product efficient and
effectively by involving all stages of people like developer, business, testers
and management. My analyses after reading this article is very usual for every
company to set up their own model. So that they can handle any kind of norms in
any stages

The organizations should set a proper
goal and its purpose of existence. Once the purpose is set and need to follow certain
measurements and models for make it useful to the world. Nowadays, employees choose
a company which has its purpose and worthy it is working in that company. Evolving
technology and using the resources properly is one of the key point of growing
organizations. Few steps are to be taken to achieve the goal. Managing business
and IT is key factor of organization. I agree with IBM company, which has
followed process model. I suggest every company should follow similar kind of
models. In my opinion, involving business representatives and developers while
developing a purposeful product into the world. There some steps to be
followed. Requirements stage is the first stage of product development, here
only business people are used to represent the meeting and collect the
requirements with the end users. But “New Normal” is the which involves
the business and IT managers to the meeting and know the exact requirements and
what they are expecting. It helps the developers to know
the actual requirements and develop the product efficiently.

Another step to maintain it’s purpose. In
the development stage, work to divide the work and collaborate all the work.
Prepare the steps before deploying the code into the development. This will help
the employees to know the errors or mistakes occurred and can be resolved then
and there. Once the development is done, conduct the meeting and involve the
management and business people to verify the achieved requirements of end users
or purpose of the company. And involving testers in the meeting is advantage
will know the purpose of the development and able to test the product properly.
Once the product moved to dev, then comes Quality Assessment testing, in this
stage will test the product whether it achieve its purpose and no errors exists.
And then acceptance test, need to set up a step to deploy. And follow the steps
as it is mentioned and involve the all other business and management. And last
stage of product to be live is production stage, in this stage the product will
go live into the world. Before it is going into live, the product should be
reviewed with business and management to verify that achieve as it purposed.
Allowing people in the organization to know the purpose of it’s which helps all
come together and achieve it.

In my conclusion, I say “purpose is the
key role for a being a strong and efficient organization culture”. An
organization with purpose makes people to learn something in their life and be
actively participating and utilizes the resources as required. And how few
organizations used purpose to achieve great results, and set an inspiration to
other organizations like Google, CFO. As an organization, it should think why
it is important and why you should be in the business, why are you? What makes
you to start the business? If you are succeeding, then think how it can be ideal
product or company of the world and to achieve this, need to utilize the
resources and people properly.

In order to achieve the purpose of the
organization, one has to set clear priorities, effective meetings, and analyze
the strategy. The priorities have to be set in such a way that it can achieve
in a time with supportive initiatives. If you set many priorities, it may lead
to failure in achieving of the purpose. Planning, execution and monitoring are
the key aspects of the project. Without proper planning and documenting all
aspects which may leads to failure of the project. If you take necessary time
to plan, then you will save a time to where to start, how to proceed with all those
type of questions won’t be raised in mind and resources allocation ahead. There
should be a communication between management and employee to achieve main goals
and objectives of it. Employees should be tightly coupled with the organization
so that they will know the main purpose of the entrepreneur. The periodical
meeting updates of the company is necessary to ensure all employees are sync
with organizational strategies. Daily-updates about the work and issues
occurred should be taken care in the group. Organization can use “Agile
Methodology” which helps the organization what is going and where we are?  With this framework, there will
daily-stand-ups which means they update of their daily work and any huddles to
be resolved. This helps the organization to get the work done in time and
achieve the purpose effectively. Monitoring the project is another way for
executing the purpose. They are many tools for monitoring where the project is
at daily basis. Executing all this in proper manner and engaging the team in all
meetings would help the organization to achieve its purpose.