Swastika their religion are also in Africa and

Swastika The Swastika is a Symbol which was chosen by the Nazis in the
holocaust and World war II but nobody really knows where it came from and what
the meaning of it is and why the Nazis used it. The swastika is a cross with 4
arms bent with a 90-degree angle and going usually clockwise but not the Nazi
swastika and was not invented by them. (1.)http://link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/A514111936/GPS?u=nysl_we_sciocent&sid=GPS&xid=bc8e0867.The
word Swastika means (sv = well) and is
very common in India but also Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Celts, Native
Americans, and Persians as well Hindus, Jains and Buddhists using it. In all
these parts of the world it’s a meaning of luck. But religions also using it
like Hinduism and Buddhism. In the Buddhism religion
the swastika is a symbol of the god Vishnu (2.) and of the god of sun Sury (3.)
when its clockwise and when its counterclockwise
it’s the symbol of the god Kali Goddess (4.) destroyer of evil forces. In Buddhism, the Swastika is in common always clock
ways and means like the same how in the Buddhism religion ”luck and positive
energy” and the heart of Buddha (5.)You can find it on Buddhist temples which mean plurality,
eternity, abundance, prosperity and long life. But the Symbol was not just in Asia a part of their religion are also
in Africa and the Indians of north America. http://www.religionfacts.com/swastika The Swastika was
found by a German Archaeologists called Heinrich Schliemann. He found it in Africa and Asia
and brought it back to Germany and it became a sign for good luck. First
everybody started using it and you could see it on bottle pendants or Boy Scout
badges. Concurrently groups or persons start using it for some bad reasons and
one group of them were the Nazis.They saw it as symbol of Aryan
identity or white supremacy. In 1920 they created a flag of it, with red flag that expressed the social thought underlying the
movement and a white circle that expressed the social thought with a black swastika
in it. (1.)After people getting murdered by
soldiers with the swastika symbol, the community started seeing it in an evil
way and started hating it.http://mentalfloss.com/article/57165/why-did-nazis-hijack-swastikaYou could say the Nazis ruined it for many religions and people
who were seeing it in a good way and a special meaning of the religion.Because of Nazi swastika in some countries you can’t even say the
words Nazi, Hitler or Holocaust that bad were they.It became one of the most hated symbols of all time. Everybody
connect it automatically with something evil even if they don’t know what the
original meaning was / is. (The Hindu or Buddhism meaning)After other countries defeated Germany they banned the swastika
symbol in Germany so that you are not allowed to present it in public or you
have to pay money or you might get arrested. World Book Advanced, World Book, Chicago, viewed 11 January 2018,

(Numbers shows you the picture
on the last page)    

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