opera house also used prefabricated technique .The roof sails were based on the
geometry of the sphere and Utzon used this to demonstrate the creative
potential and the assembly of prefabricated, repeated components.

Burj khalifa used prefabricated techniques. Most of the
reinforcing bars for the core walls. and the nose columns are  prefabricated at the ground level.

McDonald’s has set a world record of constructing a prefab building
and opening it for business within 13 hours.

Because of being cheaper the prefab houses are becoming popular
in Europe, Canada and United States. The 2007 finance crisis has however deflated the
cost of housing in North America and Europe, so not all prefab homes should be
assumed to be cheaper than existing housing.

In Australia the prefab sector is optimized for exporting
its product, as domestic consumption is limited. There are few prefab home
builders in Australia. Prefab housing construction sector is very small
as the overall rate of housing construction has been very low due to slow
population growth. Bali exported 98,417 prefabricated houses in 2010 but in 2011
the country only exported 5,007 units due to the global economic slowdown that
affected a number of export destinations. These  prefab houses are well known for their special
artistic  design and practical value.

The word ‘prefab’ is often associated with a specific
type of prefabricated house built  after
the Second World War in the United Kingdom such as Airey houses, as a temporary
replacement for housing that had been destroyed by bombs, especially in London.

In North America, local governments generally have HUD
regulations (specialized regulations ) besides general building codes,
applicable to pre-manufactured housing.

Between 1902 and 1910 several companies in the United
States began offering mail-order kit homes.More than 156,000 prefabricated
homes were built in the United Kingdom  between
1945 and 1948.Sell-Fertighaus GmbH built over 5,000 prefabricated houses in
Germany until 1948 after the World War II, for the occupying force of the
United States.

Akbar in 16 th century invented the first prefabricated house.
 These structures were reported by Arif
Qandahari in 1579. The first mention of a prefabricated building was in 1160 to
1170 by Wace* as confirmed by Pierre Bouet an historian who published the book
“Hastings” (publisher Tallandier, 2014). He spoke of a castle
transported in ‘kit’ form in an article in the French magazine Historia’s
special May/June 2015 edition featuring the Vikings (Normans, who invaded England in 1066, descended from Vikings).


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