Task 1.

1As Health and Social Care professional engaged in the healthand Social Care settings, I will explain the different level of workingpartnership across the sector using the three partnership level. Before this weneed to understand the definition of partnership, it is a sharing of knowledge,views and opinion among two or many individuals involved in an organisation,country or else. The terms philosophy of working in partnership refers to astate of mind, an attitude, guidance when starting an engagement to worktogether in the three level of partnership. Everything is linked as soon as the partnership began the potential ofthe staff or organisation, the service quality and all other significantfactors that can affect or increase the growth of the future.Excellent partnership functioning is moreover vital forconstruction of well-built, successful associations inside and all over firms(Barnes, Matka and Sullivan, 2007).A good working partnership is essential if you want to have aprosperous financial increase. It is also based on trust and respect whichimproves the quality of the work and will be beneficial for both part.

Now will have a look to the three levels which are:-        Service user ProfessionalIt is professionals that work inHealthcare, forms part of a group related to individual using the serviceprovided.  Both professional and serviceuser has an important impact on partnership of the organisation.  That is why collaboration between them isvital, this ensure the delivery of good services to patient.  If the satisfaction of the patient isachieved it will help to promote the quality care of the organisation for thefuture.  We all know that an effectiveteam contribute positively to the safety of patients.

In our everyday life, each of mustlives according to some standard that the quality of the food we intake, thetype of transport we will travel to go to work, in terms of communicationalso.  Same applies to every organisation;they need to work according to a certain standard which provides safety andreliability to the service user confidence. There are also codes of ethics that are compulsory to be respected inthe health sector. The service user professional needs to abide on theconfidentiality of information of their patients.  They must not disclose or discuss neitherbetween colleagues nor with friend on data regarding service user. Rememberthat here the patients satisfaction is the main objectives, so as to maintainthe standard of practice.

  So they needto be responsible, works with honesty, integrity and be accountable for theiractions. –        InterpersonalIt is the ability to work well withothers that is in a respectful way. In this level we have a specific categoryof patient that is elders.

  We all knowthat elders have difficulty to be understood due to their impairment anddisabilities.So to be able to take care of elderlypatients in the healthcare domains, we need to show interest and has the senseempathy. It is essential to establish and maintain relationships based on trustamount everyone in the workplace including service user.The elders need to be supported byyounger staff to fulfil their daily needs.

There are some important guidelinesthat the younger need to implement for an effective and efficientcommunication. This tool is important to avoid frustration or apatheticcondition if they cannot understand what you are saying. The use of simplelanguage, transmit information slowly and clearly and the body languages gestalwill help.

  On virtue that need to behighly apply when dealing with elders is the sense of patience, give themsufficient time to respond or express their views and feeling at their ownpath.Here we have some rules thatcaregiver must implement in their duty according to the Ethical principles:                               i.           Respectingthe person’s dignity regardless of his physical or psychological state.

Courtesy is mandatory.                              ii.           Respectingthe person’s freedom, autonomy, values and decisions (if he is competent). Wemust obtain his consent before proceeding with a medical act and he has theright to refuse care.

                          iii.           Respectingthe person’s integrity, inviolability (respecting essential needs, avoiding allforms of violence, preventing risks to his health and well-being).Empowerment according to RichardCarve means encouraging and allowing individuals to take personalresponsibility for improving the way they do their jobs and contribute to theorganization’s goal.Empower the elders is simply toencourage them to gain skills and knowledge to be able to overcome lifedifficulties in taking care of themselves of a certain level unless theirdisabilities and impairments.There are some processes that arebeing adopted and implemented in healthcare; all this will contribute to theirexpansion.  Among we have the right togive them speak for themselves regarding decision making on particularthings.  There should be a respect ontheir will and choices, this essential for their autonomy.

We will finish onthe different type of support and help that could preserve their independenceas long as possible.  Our objective is toencourage them to participate in social activity according to their condition.For example a person with a physicalor mental impairments can be induces in a workshop session to learn and promotehis motor skills and thus developing his creativity.  He can create marvellous stuffs like pottery,napkins, artisanal basket. It is an experience of working in a team even theyhave a disabilities. The aspect of this sharing skill is important.

Elderly are vulnerable person thatneed to be safeguard from harm and abuse. Based on available evidence, WHOestimates that 15.7% of people 60 years and older are subjected to abuse. Theseprevalence rates are likely to be underestimates as many cases of elder abuse are not reportedElder abuse, as defined by the WorldHealth Organisation, is “a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriateaction, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation oftrust (and) which causes harm or distress.”


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