TaTTa will come across a lotof political risks in Nigeria.

Such as Kidnapping, Corruption, Social Tension,Political Instability, Civil Wars and Government Reforms. But, the mainpolitical risk which they will face is Corruption, this is because in Nigeriathis is a very common thing.MuhammaduBuhari who is the president has mentioned to the public on national T.V thatcorruption is the highest form of human right abuse. Since the construction ofthe modern public management in Nigeria, there have been an increase of theofficial mistreatment of money and resources. The growth of publicadministration and the finding of oil and also the natural gas are both majoractivities which have increased the corruption in Nigeria. In just the year of 2011, onits own there was 12 major corruption cases. And out of 12 there was 4 casesrelated to oil such as the $6bn fuel subsidy scam and also the crude oil theft.

 The parliament in Nigeria hashad a talk over a report which states that $6bn equivalent to £4bn which hadbeen tricked from the fuel subsidy fund in the past couples of years. Thisdiscussion was also televised live. Nigeria is a big oil producer but they haveto now import most of their fuel. People such as Mamman Ali and Mahmud Tukurwere involved in the scam, these were distinguished members of the PDP andtheir families. And after this scam there was only ongoing cases, but there wasno convictions.  The crude oil theft accordingto the president of that time who was Goodluck Jonathan, said more than 10% ofNigeria’s production is being lost at a cost to the state, so roughly around300k-400k barrels of oil per day. Because of this it is helping to keep theworld price oil high, and this is causing corruption and social disorder,according to the president.

And even after this scam there was no punishmentgiven. And also the ex-militants were given contract which was worth billionsto protect the waterways. Instead of there being a decrease of oil theft it hasbeen increasing.



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