Abstract: uses vertical dataset and Depth first search

Abstract:Frequent pattern mining used to create a frequentlyused item sets which requires a lot of complexity and memory. In real worldmany applications uses frequent patterns. Mining frequent patterns with the useof bitmap an algorithm called bitmap .This paper proposes an algorithm which isan improved form of FBSB algorithm to mine the frequent patterns.It uses bitmapfor storing of position of item in a sequence which is used to create nextsequence item sets. This algorithm presents (k+1) candidate sequences which arenot adjacent to k sequences.in the experiments this algorithm can achieve abetter performance than FBSB algorithm. IntroductionSince the introduction of frequent pattern […]

Cytoscan can be used to detect uniparental isodisomy

Cytoscanoptima suite is a device that includes arrays, reagents and easy to use dataanalysis software. It is used for a cost effective and streamlined analysis of theparental and product of conception (POC) samples. The traditional cytogenetictechnique such as karyotyping and FISH has certain limitations due to cellculture failure and usually lack the appropriate sensitivity. Cytoscan optimaon the other hand, offers whole genome coverage for accurate detection ofchromosomal abnormalities with increased probe coverage targeting 396 relevantregions for parental and miscarriage applications. This high resolution method providesgenotyping information for the detection of copy neutral loss/absence ofheterozygosity (LOH/AOH), which can be used to […]

The nature causes limitations in strain. Lee5 highlights

The selection of piezoelectric material for a power harvesting application is the major influence creation on its functionality and performance. Although number of different piezoelectric materials have been developed, lead zirconate titanate (PZT) as a power harvesting material. Despite of its extreme brittle nature causes limitations in strain. Lee5 highlights that these piezoceramics are susceptible to fatigue crack growth when subjected to high frequency cyclic loading. Another common piezoelectric material is poly vinylidene fluoride (PVDF). It exhibits considerable flexibility when compared to PZT. Lee5,6 developed a PVDF film coated with poly(3,4-ethylenedioxy-thiophene)/ poly(4-styrenesulfonate) PEDOT:PSS electrodes. They compared the PEDOT:PSS coated films […]

1. This system provides the facility to reserve

1.    IntroductionThis section ofthe software requirement specification (SRS) provides a complete description ofthe scope and overview of everything included in this SRS.  This section of SRS also provides descriptionof the purpose of this document and list of abbreviations and definition isalso given.1. 1    PurposeThe purpose ofthis document is to provide detailed description of the requirement for the”online bus ticket reservation system”. It will provide description of thesystem functional and nonfunctional requirements of the system. It will alsoexplain system interface, constraints and interactions with other externalapplications.1. 2    ProductScopeOnline busreservation system is aimed at reducing paper work and hence improving itsefficiency and speeding up of […]

A able to make decisions based on a

A conventional computingcould only operate within the framework that were programmed into it. It couldhave all the processor speed and memory, but the code would be what softwaredesigners and users have produced whereas an intelligent computing would, muchlike humans, make decisions solely on it`s own. It would be able to learn andin essence, constantly reprogram itself. It would be able to make decisionsbased on a more ethical or moral, not a programmed factual manner. Conventionalcomputing can’t explain arguments and its system is made of algorithms and datastructure whereas intelligent computing systems have ability to explainarguments and compose of interrogative and […]

3.1 because it cannot be programmed by the

3.1 Supervised LearningLearning is necessary whenever we want a computer to perform atask because it cannot be programmed by the conventional means .For example, it is not possible to directly write a computer programthat recognizes the speech. However, it is in necessary to collect alarge number of example speech signals with their attached contentand to use a supervised learning algorithm to approximate the inputoutput relationship implied by the training examples i.e creating amodel and then using this model on the testing data.3. 2 Feedforward Neural NetworkThe Feedforward Neural Network is the basic and most commonlyused artificial neural network. It consists […]

Within engine piston with the primary forming processes

Within this assignment I have been tasked to research intotwo components of a single consumer product and the primary forming processesused to manufacture the two parts. For this I have chosen my product to be acar with the two parts being the engine cylinder head and the engine piston withthe primary forming processes being sand casting and forging respectively. Iwill do further research into the specific characteristics, advantages anddisadvantages of each forming process and why they are the chosen method forthe given part over alternatives. 1. 0 Enginecylinder head 1.1     Overview An engine cylinder head is commonly located at the top ofthe […]

Technology invention of other machine tools. During the

Technology is a manner of accomplishing a task specificallyusing technical processes, methods, or knowledge. A tool is an object which providesa mechanical advantage in accomplishing a physical task. Its typically poweredby people but can be powered by animals, water, or engines. A machine is adevice that is substituted for the element of humans/animals; automation is atype of machines that removes the former element of human control or operatorwith an automatic algorithm. The next step in the technological evolution isthe Artificial intelligence which is the process of emulating the humanintelligence in a machine. The evolution of technology also evolved everythingsuch as […]

IS–IS, of these protocol combinations was carried out

IS–IS, OSPFv3, and a combination of both protocols for IPv6 using OPNET.Their workconsists of three scenarios on which IS–IS, OSPFv3 and the combinationsof both protocols were configured respectively. End to end delay and variationin delay were the parameters used to measure the performance of the protocols.The network applications that were considered are voice and video. Resultsobtained from their simulation show that IS–IS performs better than OSPFv3 andthe combination of both protocols for video end to end delay. For variation indelay or jitter, OSPFv3 performs better than IS–IS and the combination of bothprotocols. For voice end to end delay, the IS–IS_OSPF […]

Reported receptive fields in the central fovea are

Reported by Ludimar Hermann, the Hermanngrid is characterized by “ghostlike” grey blobs perceived at the intersectionsof a white grid on a black background, (Spillmann & Levine, 1971). Baumgartner believedthat the effect is due to inhibitory processes in the retinal ganglion cells,the neurons that transmit signals from the eye to the brain, (Baumgartner1960).  However, the Hermann grid alone onlyprovides a biological explanation visual processing and so in attempt toexplain visual processing fully, we must search for explanations that includethe environment as part of the explanation also.  At the center of an intersection there ismore light in its inhibitory surround than the […]

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