Technology has been increasing within theyears, making it easier for most individuals and is so well established in today’s society that to the younger generations,texting and having conversations without verbally speaking is the norm. Mostpeople argue that now days most teens or the younger generation are developingdifferent ways to communicate with each other. Using words like “LOL” and”hashtag” are so common in their life’s. Not only those acronyms are used intexting but also in everyday speech. Furthermore, some people think that thisnew way of communicating can be a type of decline in humanity’s literacy, butit may not actually be what they suspect.

John McWhorter in his TED talk”Txting is Killing Language. JK!!!” opens upwith “texting is a miraculous thing”, pointing out that texting is not aboutwriting but more about communicating in a convenient manner. After analyzinghis TED talk, I realized that McWhorter is actually not against texting. He argues thattexting is not destroying written language, but rather it is a new form ofcommunication that has led to the creation of a new subset of language. Some ofthe points that I observed while analyzing his speech was his point of view.McWhorter states that texting is not killing language, because it is a newlanguage itself. Another observation that I made, was that he is trying to convince his audience that textingdoes not represent a decline in language, but more of an evolution or growth.

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He isalso making some assumptions, for instance, he mentions how a lot of peoplefeel like texting is ruining grammar, language, and English. He then uses humorand interesting facts to persuade the viewers and listeners. Lastly, hebelieves that texting is still in its early stages of existence and willcontinue to develop in the future.


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