Technology and Productivity in the WorkplaceChristopher StrattonENG/100January 2018Sandra CliftonTechnology and Productivity in the WorkplaceTechnology can be productive in the workplace and can help workers stay organized, connect with others, and need to be reachable if needed. In the modern world, technology is an everyday necessity in everyone’s lives and as much as technology can be used for recreational use, it can also be used to benefit those in the workplace environment. Technology is a more efficient way of getting information across all platforms in the workplace quickly and effortlessly while being less time consuming. As technology is becoming more widespread, companies and businesses take advantage of this in order to increase productivity in their employees.Getting Organized in the WorkplaceOne way technology can make workers productive in the workplace is being organized. Countless hours can be lost while searching through spreadsheets or files of information that is stored in large data sets, some of which are only able to be accessed via the desktop. Investing in a system that allows staff to easily add and access data pays for itself in the long run. For example, a cloud based time tracking software allows employees to keep track of their hours, mileage, and expenses, all in one place. Tracking solutions such as these keep the mundane yet critical information accurate and in one place, which helps managers, employees, and clients remain compliant, well-informed, and productive (Matthias, Goecke, 2017).Connecting WorkforcesTechnology can also help in the workplace by being able to connect with workforces. A study by Stiroh (2008) showed that “The impact of information technology (IT), which many analysts consider the driving force behind the US productivity resurgence.” (p. 359). As staff levels contract and the mobile workforce expands, businesses are making due with smaller and physical office spaces. More and more companies are giving their employees the option to work online, allowing them to save money that’s needed to maintain large workspaces. This option allows hiring managers to cast a wider net into the talent pool, increasing the odds of finding a person that is fit for the job. Productive employees need instant access to business information, data, and their co workers; mobile-friendly technologies are a really great way to provide that. Being Reachable in the WorkplaceFinally, technology can be used to help to reach out to others if they are available. If someone needs to contact you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, as long as you have an internet connection or mobile reception, you can be reached. This is an every day thing, but at one point in time, it would have seemed impossible. This level of availability in this day and time means that you can be reached to prepare plans and fix issues instantly, which prevents problems from piling up during your absence. Most people in the present are only an e-mail, text, instant message, or phone call away, eliminating wasted time. The amount of productivity this availability leads itself to is immense. Overall, through utilizing technology for automation, organization, and availability, you can free up your time to focus on productive tasks in your personal and business life. (Stiroh, 2008). Whether you want more time on your hands for family, or you need more time to develop the next product release from your company, technology will always be there.ConclusionEmployees can always use technology to their advantage in order to increase productivity in the workplace to make everything more efficient and less time consuming. Technology will always be apart of everyday life and always constantly changing and evolving through time in order to keep with a constant and ever changing society of the modern world. As technology changes, the workplace will adapt and grow and also become more productive over time.ReferencesStiroh, K. (2008, July). Information Technology: Old Answers and New Questions. CESifo Economic Studies, (), . Retrieved from, M., & Goecke, H. (2017, Spring). Productivity, Technology Diffusion and Digitization. CESifo Forum, 18(1), . Retrieved from


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