Technology valuable in maintaining these machines. People will

Technology and automation are changing the course of business, but at what cost? Companies are investing in automation because it can save them money and create new jobs. These new jobs would be available for people with degrees in engineering and for people who know how to operate the machines. The biggest problem with automation is that many people might lose their jobs, causing unemployment rates to increase drastically. Hoverever, companies will be able to hire for positions in new areas due to the increase in profits that automation would bring. Another benefit would be that existing employees may receive an increase in pay. This will eventually lead to a boosting economy. For example, the car industry has adopted automation to produce vehicles at a faster rate than humans could. This produces higher quality cars and proves to be consistent while protecting workers from injury, as well as increasing profit.These new job opportunities will be ones that require skills that would be valuable in maintaining these machines. People will find an interest in pursuing careers in engineering or business to meet the demand for their required skill in new fields of work. While the new jobs require a higher education then what was previously required, jobs that were considered to be “unskilled” will be valued just as much. The value of these jobs will be that many automation businesses will require human assistance in the assembly process as well as the maintenance of machines. Technology and automation some of the largest influencers in the economy at the moment. With the growing demand for products that require technology or automation, the economy continues to increase. The amount of money that consumers are willing to spend to receive a high tech product is overwhelming. With the ability to take classes like Introduction to Information Technology which looks at computer science, business, and communications it will help to further my experience with the new technological advances in business.