Television a mass communication medium for entertainment, news,

Television is a telecommunication medium used to receive broadcast signals and convert them into pictures and sound. It is widely used as a mass communication medium for entertainment, news, sports, education, politics, gossip, and advertising. Television sets have come a long way from the nascent black and white sets to the modern smart, high definition machines that beam clear pictures of all sorts of events from movies to live sports and news broadcasts into our living rooms and theatres. However, some people feel that watching television for a significant amount of time daily has a negative impact on individuals in the contemporary society. In my opinion, I disagree with the Italian group that organized a National Television Viewers’ strike because of the integral role that television plays in our lives.Through watching different television programs, I have gained a lot of insight on varied issues which has made me a better global citizen. Television broadcasts all manner of events to the public, providing entertainment, education, news, and information. As a means of communication, it offers the best way to receive current news and information about events, leadership, sports, and many other activities from all corners of the globe. Television has always provided me with a wide range of entertainment programs that make me relaxed and refreshed. Educational programs aired live on television have greatly helped me to learn important life skills such as cooking and carrying out first-aid on an individual in an emergency. Other educational programs on development in different fields such as science, agriculture, environment, arts, literature and other subjects have contained crucial information and knowledge that has added to my understanding of the world.Television has promoted sports values and ethics in my society. Many people around me watch their favorite sports events on television as they socialize with their friends and cheer on their favorite teams. The people around me tend to spend their free time watching different sports like ball games, racing events, athletics, water sports, boxing and other sports types. Sports have also promoted good gender relations and promoted unity in my society.In conclusion, people are better off spending moderate amounts of time watching their favorite shows as opposed to spending no time at all on television. As discussed, television plays an indispensable role in informing the society since it is one of the main channels of mass communication in the contemporary world. Clearly, the advantages of watching television outweigh the disadvantages, and, therefore, it should be embraced by everyone.