Ten years back world’ssea –going container carried panamax-size container ships that have 5000 TEUcapacity. But with the development of the international trade, transportnetwork and the logistics needed much larger container ships to do the tradebetween Europe and Asia, Asia and West Coast America.Economies of scaleEconomies of scale is auniversal word that use in the container shipping industry.

So, vessels aregetting larger and larger to support this concept. To do so ports are expandingand collaborating to achieve greater economies of scale in present. Also, withthe future plans of transit much larger containers of the Panama Canal and theincreasing transit capacity of the Suez Canal will result to produce containerships that carrying over 28000 TEU in the next decade.

So these container shipswill be appearing in Asian, American and Brazilian ports sooner.Arctic Warming and theCanada’s Northwest PassageThere is a futurepotential to allow the Canadian passage to transit container ships for perhapsthree months period for a year because of the changing weather pattern of theglobal and warming of the Arctic. Also, from another 25 years Canadiannorthwest sailing season will be extended from May to October because of thosereasons.

Because of that container ships will tend to sail via Canadian passagefrom Asian ports to east cost American ports and European ports. World GDP and thecontainer shippingSince 2010 container shippingindustry wasn’t able to adapt to new typical where request develops by a variousof worldwide GDP development of one or even underneath.so the containershipping industry has ended up with lower fleet growth than the demand growth.Because of this IMF forecast that the coming years will neither improve orworsen in the container shipping industry.Somaybe the future of the container shipping industry will smaller than expectedbecause of the imbalance between the supply and demand Growth of ChinaAsia has the market shareof 64% inthe containerized cargo. The main reason for this is the development of theChina’s trade among the globe.

China imported and exported 52 million    20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in 2015compared with 13 million in 2000. So, in near future China will gain moremarket share on the containerized shipping industry.


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