Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. There is a very high risk of terrorism all around the world.

The aims of the groups are to kill or harm people so they can create fear in their minds so they can get them to do as they want. They do this by planting bombs, hijacking airplanes and using weapons to put fear in people. They want everyone to follow their ways but they normally target people in high authority, to scare everyone else who is in lower authority. In the public services, terrorism affects the police force the most, however it does effect all all the services.

The police have to deal with any kind of situations to do with terrorists and terrorism, or anything that seem that it could be. The police have to be aware of any unusual behavior or an unusual objects left behind, especially in public. The police have to stay in places that are most likely going to get attacked in the UK, it is places like London, Manchester and other big cities with many tourists. This shows the terrorists that they prepared, as much as they are and it also prevents some of the terrorists from doing anything. The police officers have to be willing to give their lives if they are at a scene or arrive at where weapons are present, this can also have a physiological effect on the officers because they could have a near death experience and it could give them flashbacks. However if the police don’t do their jobs properly then there could be massive effects on everyone.

There would be a lost of life because there is no one who is trained to protect the public also more people would end up injured. The terrorist would be more successful and people will have to do as they told because there would be consciences put in place the terrorists, nothing will be in order there will theft damage loss of use of facilities.


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