Thefirst machine I will be talking about is a band saw. This machine has a sawwith a long and sharp blade to cut the woods efficiently. Because it has lotsof very sharp tooth it has the ability and the advantages to cut curved shapesor irregular like a jigsaw.

Bandsaw are equipped with features that can helpyou cut straight lines on the object that you want to cut however this is verygood because it is not so easy with other cutting tools for making straight orcross cuts for some people they struggle because you need to be extremelycareful and focused. Also, the results obtained from the bandsaw at the end ismuch better than the other tools.Band SawIfthe blade breaks on the machine you must turn the machine off and inform theinstructor the reason you want to inform your instructor is that when the nextperson that comes and wants to use the machine they can have a fully operatedmachine to work on.

Rule9Youmust make sure you use both hands on the wood that you want to cut and must becareful not to have your hand or fingers in line with the saw blade yourfingers must be about 3-4 inches away from the blade. However, if you arestruggling and need to get closer to the blade you must remember to use a “pushstick” which protects your fingers from getting close to the blade.Rule8Youcan position the “hold down foot” on the machine so that it is pressing lightlyon the wood that you want to cut. This prevents the wood coming up in the airwhile you’re trying to cut it, so it keeps it held in position on the table.Rule7Onlycut wood that has a flat bottom because the table of the machine has a flatsurface you don’t want to cut any wood that is round because there is a highchance that you would lose control as your cutting the wood.Rule6Youmust not attempt to cut sharp curves the correct way to cut sharp curves is by cuttingthe wood gradually with (relief cuts) you can do this by marking the wood withthe relief cuts on the sharp edge.Rule5Guidethe work slowly and make sure the blade does the work you must not force thework into the blade which means that you must not push the wood towards theblade hard.Rule4 Youmust always wear eye protection when you’re in the workshop environment whilethe machines are running.

Rule3 Youmust make sure that all guards are in place and you must check if its operatingcorrectly the guard should be in a down position when your using the machines.The guard protects your hands when the blade is moving up and down. The guardis always see through, so you can see easily the wood while you’re using themachineRule2Whenyou’re working on the machines you must make sure that you remove anything thatcan get caught on the machine for example watches or any other jewelry must betaken off and you must eliminate any lose clothing also if you have got a longhair you must make sure that it is tied back the reason for all this is to makesure that nothing gets in the way of the machine while it’s been operated.Rule1Safety rules to use thesaw machinesTheextractor fan was another important rule so when I was using any of themachines I made sure that the extractor fan was kept on whilst I was using themachines once I was finished with the machine I made sure the gate was closedfor the extractor.Thefirst and most important rule at the workshop is to wear Personal ProtectionEquipment (PPE) which is for example safety goggles: these are made withflexible plastic frames and an elastic headband which means it would not fallout and will protect your eyes from the dust and from other substances thathave a risk of splashing into your eyes. Also wearing overalls can protect usagainst hazardous substances. Another example is an ear defender whichcompletely covers and protects our ears.

the ear defender can protect our earsfrom very loud noises too.Whileworking in the work place we should all follow the health and safety rules tostop us getting injured or causing an incident.Health & safetyIn this assignment I will be explaining the health andsafety that is used in a woodwork shop and I will be explaining what is a bandsaw machine and how to use the machine also the advantages and disadvantages ofthe band saw. I will also be explaining about scroll saw and how to use themachine, and the advantages and disadvantages.

Also will be explaining aboutthe pillar drill machine and will write the advantages and disadvantages forthe pillar drill.Introduction


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