The scientific method has now been used for Centuries by many scientists to organize experiment, analyze the data of the experiments, as well as analyzing other Sciences information. The process was developed to help scientists determine the validity of one’s ideas before bringing information to the public. scientist use the steps in the scientific method repeatedly at times, until one is able to come to terms and share results.

This method encourages scientists to communicate honest results to the fellow science community and the public. The scientific method consists of six or seven steps, guiding experiments to results for analyzing and sharing. The first step is to ask a question about the object being studied. Why is this important? what difference will this make if proven or not? The question allows one to find a main focus clearly for studying.

The next step is to come up with a clear underline hypothesis. the hypothesis can be a prediction as to the results of the experiment, or possibilities of outcomes. The hypothesis is important for the entire process because this must be able to be tested by performing an experiment. They hypothesis is  going to then be tested by doing an actual experiment. An experiment must be able to come from any question and hypothesis to  yield validity in the science community.

if no experiment can be produced, then the hypothesis needs to be reformed or rethought, or completely start over with the question. Starting over can be time-consuming, therefore the importance of a strong hypothesis is strongly suggested. Once an experiment is completed, scientists must then analyze the results from success. Scientist report even the smallest sightings observation seen during the experiment and after. some  experiments require scientists to use one or more of the human senses semicolon touch, taste, see, hear, smell.

Not all are safe for scientists to use all of the senses. Tasting can be dangerous if the experiment contains a poison, smelling to be dangerous for a certain and Helen Hunt, touching hot surfaces, or hearing a high repeated sound pitch. Observations can be limited and those reasons to, should be reported in the data. Conclusions are formed after Gathering all the data from the experiment, which can Answer the question, hypothesis, both, or neither.

The conclusion is the final step in the scientific process before sharing. Scientist should try to have this data as organized as possible so that others May understand the process and findings. scientist quite often published experimental findings for the public or a scientific Community. There for the entire methodology and processing must be recorded very precisely so that another individual is able to repeat and yield similar results.

Baking cookies is a very comment everyday event that takes place, and also involve the scientific method. Please can be back in various ways, crunchy, chewy and soft, Etc.. To begin with the “perfect” cookies, important ingredients in mixing of the ingredients is required, as well as the proper cooking temperature and time. How does one bake cookies perfectly? As many know, butter and flour are very important. Why are butter and flour important? The hypothesis could be formed from this information colon why could better be important for perfectly baked cookies? Next in experiment could be carried out by mixing and baking homemade cookies.

Butter can be used in three different forms, which produces a different form or shape of the cookie wants baked. This is the hypothesis. Begin by preparing 3 bowls of butter.

One bowl of butter will remain at room temperature when let, another bold will contain refrigerated butter, and lost all will be slightly melted in the microwave. Using three separate mixing bowls, add all wet contents or ingredients and mix. Then add all dry ingredients to each Bowl mixing well. Each batch of cookies will bake for 25 minutes add 370 degrees. after the cookies have been removed from the oven- observe the three different forms or shape each batch of cookies hold. one batch of cookies appear to be bigger and black. Another batch appear to be round and small, while the last batch was the smallest and roundest of all. the first batch use melted butter and what’s bigger the second batch was room temperature and turned out to be slightly less big and spread out, but more round.

the last batch was next with refrigerated butter and this back appear to be round as initially rolled, smaller and rounder than the other. the results of the experiment proved that the temperature or the form and consistency of the butter determines the overall shape of baked cookies., if there is a bigger , make cookies with melted butter because they form out wider than any other form of butter used. Baking cookies involves several aspects of science that could be overlooked daily. this experiment is able  to be repeated 2 see similar results.


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