The success of Google Inc. has alwaysbeen attributed to the company’s ability to reinvent itself and encourageintrapreneurship. According to research, large companies which encourageintrapreneurship will be the most successful businesses in the future. A recentdecision by the top management, saw the company being turned into a subdivisionof Alphabet, which is the current parent company. Alphabet will be responsiblefor overseeing Google’s recent initiatives. An Article stated, “The corebusinesses will be called Google and operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary ofAlphabet. Alphabet will be run by Google co-founder Larry Page and each of itsbusinesses will have its own chief executive” (Reuters).

 Sundar Pichai will head Google.            Larry Page, the co-founder of Google and the CEO of Alphabetstated the priorities of the alphabet asbeing overseeing all the activities in the parent company and all itssubsidiary companies. Its top priorities are, getting ambitious things done,taking a long-term view on strategies anddecisions, empowering companies and entrepreneursto flourish, improving oversight and transparency and making Google a bettercorporation through better focus (Yarow, 2015).”Alphabet’s businesses will also include connected home products maker Nest,venture capital arm Google Ventures, and Google Capital, which invests in largertech companies” (Reuters). Google’sorganizational culture is exceptional, this is because the culture directlyimpacts the overall organizational structure. Structure and culture areintegrated to influence the corporation’s capabilities (Yarow, 2015).

Google’sorganizational structure can be described as open, hands-on, innovative,emphasizes on excellence, and supports small company report. The matrix organizational structure achieves openness.Within its organizational structure, employees are encouraged to give theiropinions and ideas. The company values innovation which has been the basis ofits success.              Google’s income is mainly generatedthrough advertisements.

Additionally, the company is and has consistently beenthe world’s leading search engine. Google’s market strategy is one of a kind,the company’s advertisements make its consumer’s hooked and it is always fittedfor all audiences (Oberstein, 2016). Onthe other hand, offering open and a free platform draws the attention of bothnew and modern users. The company has also created a culture of conversionhence opening up an interactive environment and enables its users to earn fromusing it. Offeringquality services and product is one ofthe organization’s strengths which has given it a competitive edge. The companyhas been able to attain market leadership by working on their products in aunique manner. The company capitalizes on its product. Google does not onlyassume authority but also takes its topposition at the authority food chain.

The company portrays its might andauthority within its own system and framework (Oberstein,2016). Based on the company’s culture ofinnovation, the recent reinvention of its management structure, the appointmentof the talented Sundar Pichai, the current position of the company and itsinitiatives for the future, it is evident that Google is headed for high growthand immense profits in the future. Investing stock into Google Company willdefinitely result in capital appreciation hence high benefits for an investorin the near future.


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