The primary purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader about marine ecosystems and its importance on why they need to stay conserved. Marine ecosystems are one of the largest ecosystems, taking into account that water makes up about seventy percent of earth surface. It’s considered a significant ecosystem, since it has the ability to support both animal and plant life. Marine ecosystem have so much diversity upon them that it is necessary to keep it out of harm in order to preserve aquatic life. This ecosystem should be valued more and stop getting damaged before it’s too late and they become endangered.            Like stated previously, marine ecosystems are getting impacted, and should be taken care of before they are at jeopardy.

According to the article “Simple rules can guide whether land- or ocean-based conservation will best benefit marine ecosystems”(2017), “Coastal marine ecosystems have put in a certain challenge to environmental manager, mostly because they are being exposed to threats happening on land and taking place in the ocean as well”. This shows, how disturbing the ecosystem is getting affected by overfishing, and causing damages like leaving trash around these places, unfortunately the habitats for the animals and plants become at risk . In addition, “Simple rules can guide whether land- or ocean-based conservation will best benefit marine ecosystems” (2017), states that “Certain declines threaten the functional integrity of coastal and marine ecosystems”. Demonstrating, the importance of keeping agriculture, urbanization, and industry increase due to the conversion, is essential. Without these factors it’ll start causing abasement towards the marine ecosystems. Not only are these factors that are affecting the marine ecosystem, but “Simple rules can guide whether land- or ocean-based conservation will best benefit marine ecosystems”(2017), mentions how “Research shows recent advances and they have been beneficial towards taking terrestrial actions, which in the long run can affect marine ecosystems.” However, in order to get an appropriate estimate, when of course used in practice, it will need the land-sea conservation liberate the management of land threats, that can have a huge impact on marine ecosystems. Meanwhile,  it can cause great changes to both ecosystems in need of the help.

Moreover, marine ecosystems are being affected by many components including pollution, human population growth, invasive species, and their habitat destruction. All of these have a negative effect towards this ecosystem that is very vulnerable due to its certain ways and it has specific limitation in order to be keep maintained and safe. To further illustrate this, food chains also effect a lot on how the ecosystem is consistent and the way the vary, depending of the changes that the ecosystem is going through. According to the article  “Global change in trophic functioning of marine food webs”(2017), “Biomass is an important key because it has a lot to do with the ecosystem functioning, this is because biomass has an specific way of working, which is controlling how the energy flows which is from low to high trophic levels of food web.” As a matter of fact, this is demonstrating how fishing can have a tremendous impact to their natural selection. The food chain would have to modify, because of a certain human activity known as fishing.

This is harming their proper meal to the rest of the species and not only that but the whole chain would be affected. “Global change in trophic functioning of marine food webs”(2017), states that, “A research was conducted from the world’s large marine ecosystem, it was from 1950 to 2010.They were able to discover specific indicators changed over time, even though it was able to detect global trends and the effects that were occurring like the change in fishing and climate”.

Indicating, that climate is an upcoming threat towards marine ecosystems and it keeps varying over time.            Marine ecosystems can also be affected by climate change and acidity levels changing. Climate change can have an enormous amount of downfalls to different ecosystems, but it mostly affects the marine ecosystem because it means, that waters tend to get warmer. “Observed trends and climate projections affecting marine ecosystems in the Canadian Arctic”(2015), stated that the “significant increase in air tempeture starts to develop, as well as more volume of precipitation, and when affected in the arctic it causes snow depth.” Demonstrating, how this can cause so many situations concerning the aquatic life because atmospheric circulation patterns vary as well. Not only that but “Observed trends and climate projections affecting marine ecosystems in the Canadian Arctic”(2015), claims there is “an increase in ocean acidification, that’s being monitored and it’s currently showing that it’ll keep affecting the Canadian Artic marine ecosystem.

“Additionally, this wouldn’t have such a beneficial outcome since it can cause a severe decrease in saturation states of calcium carbonate, which is needed in order to maintain everything together and not lose its structure as an ecosystem.            All in all, marine ecosystems are a remarkable ecosystem. Even though they face a lot of challenges, with changes in food webs, climate, etc.  They should be taken care of, to conserve them and keep them maintain in order to preserve their beauty as a whole.  


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