The UK Prostate Cancer Charity has a very nice basic introduction. It’s a good place to start.Gary Huckabay’s Prostate Pointers is one of the most comprehensive repositories for prostate cancer information on the net, and you should definitely spend some time there. Several of the other prostate cancer sites I link to here are merely sections of Prostate Pointers.

One unique feature of Prostate Pointers is that it provides web sites for a rather distinguished collection of doctors specializing in prostate cancer.Oncologists Steve Strum and Mark C. Scholz’s Prostate Cancer Research Institute has an exceptionally informative web site concentrating in innovative approaches to prostate cancer. Check their Insights newsletter, “PC Papers” and PowerPoint presentations for in depth information on PC. This is a remarkable resource.

Us Too is a network of prostate cancer support groups. One of the most useful features of their web site is their “hot sheets” which keep you up to date on the latest research.The Ablin Foundation has an interesting news page – the best feature is the automated MedLine searches on various aspects of prostate cancer – these provide a useful window into the latest data.

PSA Rising Magazine, takes a journalistic approach to keeping up with the latest developments in prostate cancer. Despite the name, PSA Rising is a website, not a print magazine. What makes this site is the profusion of original articles and investigative reports on prostate cancer news and medical developments. This isn’t the best place to find basic information on treatment options, but it’s terrific for news! The site does carry some advertising but the ads are relatively few, well marked, and unobtrusive.Junk Bond financier extraordinaire and multi-millionaire Michael Milken was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 1993 one day after he completed a two year prison term securities law violations.

Since then he has devoted time and money to finding a cure for prostate cancer by funding the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The Prostate Cancer Foundation has some useful information on their web site, particularly their nutrition monograph (under publications) but overall this site is fairly weak on the kind of detailed information I favor. Reviewed January 2004Patient Advocates for Advanced Cancer Treatment (PAACT) are a group devoted to finding the best in treatment for prostate cancer. The group was founded by a survivor of metastatic prostate cancer, named Lloyd Ney who survived widely metastatic prostate cancer for 15 years.

Ney was both tenacious and opinionated, and 100% committed to the welfare of the patient. Since his death in 1998, the organization seems less active, but I am hoping they will be able to pick up where Lloyd left off. It’s still worth a look. Their web site appears rather spare at first, but you can find some real meat in their newsletters section. Reviewed January 2004The New Prostate Cancer Link InfoLink was created by a surgeon (of The Krongrad Institute) and a health care communications specialist who was also an original founder of the National Prostate Cancer Coalition. A freshly-revised version of this web site was launched in early 2008. The site offers good information on prostate cancer, the ability to ask experts questions, links to current articles, and a social-network area of blogs and forums.Online Support GroupsThere is also a mailing list dedicated to prostate cancer.To subscribe to the prostate mailing list e-mail:[email protected] the subject blank, and in the body of the letter put:subscribe prostate your_first_name your_last_nameOr go to the ACOR Prostate Mailing List Interaction Page to subscribe using a web page.There are also two Internet newsgroups devoted to prostate cancer, and


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