The an important mission in Mozambique. In Tibet

The film Johnny English
Reborn is about Johnny English who went to Tibet after

failing an important mission
in Mozambique. In Tibet he tries to overcome his shame by using meditation, discipline
and eastern martial arts.

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One day he is called by the
British secret service to return to headquarters of the MI7. Someone found out
that there is a plan to kill the Chinese prime minister, but the one who knows
about this only wants to talk to Johnny English. Johnny English returns to the
headquarters of the MI7 in London. There he meets his new boss Pegasus, who
wants to give him one more chance to make up for his mistake in Mozambique.
Johnny goes with his assistent Tucker to Hong Kong to hear this person out.
Finally they find out that the  attack on
the Chinese prime minister has been planned by a group assassins who call
themselves Vortex. To kill the prime minister a key is needed.

The person who knows the
information shows that he has one of the three pieces of the key. Johnny takes
the piece from the key back to England but on his way it has been stolen. From
a Russian spy from KGB Johnny steals the second piece of the key after the
Russian  has been hurt during a game

The Russian tells Johnny just
in time that there is a third henchman, he broke in MI7.

Johnny and Tucker are trying
to know who that is. Tucker has clues that that has to be Ambrose, but Johnny falls
into his trap and he gives Ambrose his piece of the key. But Johnny has been
suspect that he is that spy and now he has to escape. Johnny escapes to Kate Sumner.
Together they find out that the three pieces of the key is needed to get to the

The anesthetic  makes sure that the person who has the
anesthetic in a couple of minutes does what you say and after that that person
dies. Johnny and Tucker try to prevent that the anesthetic is used, but then
Johnny accidentily drinks the anesthetic. Ambrose uses the fact that
Johnny  accindently drinks the anesthetic
and he tells him to kill the Chinese prime minister.

But after the training in
Tibet he knows to resist the anesthetic.

Ambrose tries to escape but
after Johnny follows him, Johnny makes him explode.