The environmental aspect of business is becomingincreasingly important to an organization’s core values, as majority of thesebusinesses are incorporating more eco-friendly and ethical methods to businessfunctions; mainly to cut down on cost in the long term, however additionally toattract a wider customer base.

Furthermore, social responsibility now dictatesthe compliance of the law and ethical standards of the hosting countries (Wall, S. et al, 2015).Tim Horton’s took it upon themselves to become moreeco-friendly and cut wastage to a minimum.

One of the ways they have done thisis by optimizing the packaging of their products which in turn significantlyreduced the adverse environmental impacts. The main reason is to ensure they provide a safe andpollution-free environment for years to come and to create a stable,sustainable environment for the local community. Oneof? the key objectives of TimHorton’s is to ensure the use of energy and carbon footprint stay low aspossible and as well as ensuring the distribution of waste is managedcorrectly whilst?    encouraging recycling of waste (Sustainabilityreport., 2018).Businesses have to encourage a proactive approach to correct environmentalmanagement throughout the organisation. Since 2012 TH have dedicated time andresources to endlessly reduce their contribution of pollution and waste inlandfill sites, therefore, as a result, TH have offered Canadian customersincentives such asa 10 cent discount when they bring in their own travel mug for hot beveragerefills. Additionally, TH have integrated environmental waste managementtechniques into the core values of the company, by creating anti-litterawareness programs which, in 2014, more than 1900 TH stores participated in (

uk,2018). Furthermore, TH have even looked further into the construction anddesign of the TH buildings, to make them extra eco-friendly and green, toeffectively downscale costs and reduce wastage further(, 2018).


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