The and organization of the equipment to be

The term completion is used when applied to oil
wells to identify all post-drilling operations required for the production of
hydrocarbons. Achievement, in general, is of a permanent nature, which means
that planning standards must be carefully assessed and that possible solutions
must be subject to technical and economic improvement. The planning of
achievement includes the selection and organization of the equipment to be
used, the selection of materials, the determination of the dimensions of the
production pipeline, the determination of the production periods,


This assessment should take into account the development of the productive characteristics of the well, according to production projections. In fact, the characteristics of the production of each well depend on the interaction between the tank, the finish, and the surface equipment. In their interaction, these total elements determine the production conditions for the flowing pressure and the flow rate in the wellhead.

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One of the very important elements that affect fluid mechanics during production is the type of fluid produced. This liquid can be liquid, gas, or a mixture of liquids and gases. Therefore, the chemical and physical properties of the fluids produced and their development over time should be known when planning for completion. Understanding the characteristics of the liquid produced is the essential element to define the pressure at the first interval which will form the closing point in the water fluid system of the reservoir, plant and surface and is the starting point when planning a production plant.


The production capacity of the well is determined on the basis of reservoir data such as reservoir pressure, permeability and rock thickness paid around the well, according to the results of previous production tests used to determine the productivity index (PI). Using production capacity, known as a function that combines the flow rate and the representation pressure system, known as the internal performance relationship (needles), defines the conditions of the well service.


Based on these, the diameter and thickness of the pipe are selected. It is also important to consider the efficiency of the achievement in light of the decrease in reservoir pressure over time, assess the possibility of replacing the original achievement with one of the largest diameter, to reduce pressure loss, and ensure the flow produced.