The learning habits and skills I need to become an excellentstudent are time management and designating a quiet place. I need to have lessprocrastination and plan specific times for school work. As of now, I wait untilthe last minute to start on school assignments. I also have not designated areato study or do school work, I usually sit in front of the TV while it is on.

I believeif I set a time to do school work and a quiet place I would avoid procrastinatingand concentrate more on my assignments. •  The learning habitsand skills I already have are taking notes, and recording lectures to reviewrandomly through out the day. I take notes or record the lectures I typically writedown three sections on a sheet of paper. One section is for overall notetaking, the other is to emphasis key points, and the final section is tosummarize the information and highlight the key points to review on what wasdiscussed. So, I would say organizing helps me retain and learn the informationmore effectively. •  The learning habitsand skills I need to develop are developing a daily routine and to write downrealistic goals. Such as studying or doing school work in small increments throughoutmy day.

Generally, if I don’t set up a deadline, I won’t be motivated to do schoolwork on time. I believe being successful in school is an important part ofhaving a successful daily study routine.  •  The plan I have fordeveloping and sustaining the learning habits I need to develop is to begin onthe right mindset to study smarter. I will aim to think positively when I studyand remind myself of my skills and abilities. I will find an ideal place to doschool work, to avoid distractions and be able to concentrate on school work. IfI am distracted with work or TV shows, then doing school work will be become afrustration.

Also setting a study plan that fits my work schedule. I will avoidlengthy study sessions which have a habit of being overwhelming and increasing procrastination.I will take small breaks, do some stretching and walking around as ways to revivemyself, since exercise creates blood flow throughout the body, and oxygen to thebrain, therefore making me feel more alert.


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