The USSR lasted from 1917 all the way to 1991,  so what caused the Soviet union to finally crumble after all those years?  The USSR fell for multiple reasons including the growing divide between the rich and the poor, Gorbachev’s reforms, and the coup of 1991.The growing divide between the rich and poor was a huge cause for the fall of the USSR During the 1960s and 1970s the elite of the USSR gained wealth and power extremely fast.

This wealth was coming from the poor in the USSR which caused soviet citizens to be starving and grow in hatred against the communist government.The divide of wealth also caused many of the new era of soviet citizens to reject communism unlike all of their parents and ancestor, who adopted communism . The poor who were starving also helped to bring attention to the abuse the soviet union was bringing on its people ultimate bringing in support to take over the Communist government. Gorbachev put in huge reforms that did more to deplet the USSR than help it one of them allowed the market to dictate the production and development in the economy, this brought in new people who helped to speak out on the government and bring more awareness to the people of the soviet union.  His reforms had a lot of backlash with many people quitting their jobs and joining democratic and republic groups to try and establish a new government.  When Gorbachev made these reforms he focused of the economy not the people. By loosening his control on the people it allowed them to organize and create new political groups encourage a overthrow of the government.

The Soviet union coup of 1991 was the final push to get rid of communism in russia.  This coup attempt was backed by many people from the starving soviet people to the rebel government members, these people were all need to have a successful coup. This coup caused the leader Gorbachev to go under house arrest, setting up a opening for the rebel’s.  This coup failed which gave Gorbachev a small return of his regime and showed the US how bad of a leader he was and got them thinking who they should support.

 The coup ultimately got the attention of many US officials. These people caused a shift of support from Gorbachev  to Yeldon a new leader and an end to communism. Later Gorbachev stepped down as leader of the soviet union 


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