The claim is the people of Athens slandered Socrates for corrupting the youth and believing in that his the wisest man, but he thinks he’s not the wisest. Socrates now turns from his old accusers to his new ones, those who have brought him to trial. Socrates reminds the court that they accuse him of corrupting the minds of the young and of believing in supernatural phenomena of his own invention rather than in the gods of the state.

Also, in order to defend himself against these charges, Socrates calls on Meletus and  his principal accuser. Socrates was slandered for corrupting the youth as it is revealed in the story. Apology.”…

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..insert text” this is related to the claim because socrates beloved no one was wiser than God and to that to the children but most people believed that there were wise people on this earth. Which contradicted their beliefs which was incorrect to them so that’s why the Athenians slandered Socrates for corrupting the youth.Socrates was condemned of a crime that was not correct. He was a philosopher who believed that no one was wiser than God and part if being a philosopher is to spread your believes. To add on, Socrates asks himself before the jury why he should have been so willing to pursue his line of philosophical inquiry if the resentment it has earned him has put his life in danger.

He answers his own question, saying that when performing an action, the only relevant question to concern oneself with is whether one is acting justly or not. Considerations of life and death are selfish and unimportant next to considerations of justice.To conclude, Socrates was condemned of crime which wasn’t correct at all and he died for his reasons. Also, Athens think that his the wisest and he claims that there are other people in the world who are wiser than him. As you can see that, the people of Athens slandered Socrates for corrupting the youth.


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