The resistance of bacteria and fungi are developed in the last few
years against antibiotic and many families of antibiotic aren’t effective and
the old families of antibiotic aren’t able to treat a lot of pathogenic
infection  so we must find new ways to
discover new antibiotic has powerful action against bacteria and fungi to over
come the resistance of bacteria and fungi 
and the best way to find new antibiotics is to discover new microorganisms
able to produce new effective antibiotics . The best source of antibiotics are actinomycetes  so a lot of types  of antibiotics in our life and common use in
our life for most pathogenic infection 
are from actinomycetes .Actinomycetes are still novel source  of antibiotics so we have to find new source
of actinomycetes and new microorganisms as anew source of antibiotics
(Thermophelic actinomycetes ). Actinomycetes are still important source for
many drugs ,  herbicides, insecticides
and anti-parasitic compounds particularly streptomyces spieces( Williams, 1982; Aghighiet al., 2004).Resistance of pathogenic bacteria and fungi are still abig problem
in our life and this back to in  few last
years the antibiotics can easily control on pathogenic microorganism but now
aday it is very difficult to control the infection and this is a reason for resistance
if antibiotics . In our study we try to find rare group of thermophelic
actinomycetes and study it’s microbial activity against pathogenic , (Wedberg
1966 )organisms
and to improve it’s production of antimicrobial substance by studing
physiological and biochemical factors affected the growth of actinomycetes and
it’s antimicrobial production

So the development of newer antimicrobial drugs, the polyene and
non polyene antimicrobials still one of 
the most potent broad spectrum antibiotics  available for clinical use. As a result of
the continuing search for new polyenes and non-polyenes, as well as the
limitations of current production methods, in our study, we isolate and  characterize thermophilic Streptomyces
and it’s antimicrobial activity and the improvement of production, purification
and identification of antimicrobial substance

Aim of the work:

Isolation and
characterization of thermophilic Streptomyces with antimicrobial activity

2-    Optimizing the production conditions and purification process of
the bioactive antimicrobial agents.



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