The prevention
of wrist, hand, finger pain differs according to the condition, but most of the
conditions can be controlled by:

doing exercises to strengthen hand and
arm muscles.

Stop activities that causes the pain in the hand, wrist,
and finger.

Change positions when holding something for a long time.
Such as a book or a cup of tea.

Using the whole hand when grabbing something, not only the
thumb or index finger.

Wearing protective gear when doing sports.

In cold weather, wear a warm glove to protect the hand and
avoid coffee and tobacco products, because nicotine and caffeine cause blood vessels
to narrow, which decreases blood flow to the hand.


One of the
common disease that happen to the arm is arthritis, and it is a reduction in
the bone density, and it can be hard to prevent it, but the risk may be reduced
by, maintaining a healthy weight, and thus help in fighting off osteoarthritis,
the most common type of arthritis. Second, trying to quit smoking if the
patient is a smoker, this will cut the chance of developing rheumatoid arthritis,
and this is a disease when the body’s defense targets the joint linings. Third,
trying to avoid injuries as much as possible while playing sport. Fourth, if
the patient’s job requires a lot of pushing and lifting, caution is required to
avoid any injures. Finally, if the patient job requires a lot of typing,
sitting in a good position is important, getting a special keyboard, wrist
cushion, or pad may help.


Another one is
carpal tunnel syndrome, and according to health line website “it is the
compression of the median nerve as it passes into the hand, And the median nerve provides
sensation to the thumb, index, middle finger, and a part of the ring finger”.
This syndrome can be prevented by changing patient’s lifestyle to a lifestyle
that doesn’t involve many risk of injuring the nerve, treating some existing
diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure helps in digressing the symptoms
as well, finally exercises that strengthen the hand is a good way of reducing


One common injury
is dislocations, it happens when a bone slips out of a joint, for example, the
end of the leg fits into a joint in your feet, when id slips out of the joint, it’s
called a dislocation. and this can happen to any joint in the body, including
knee, shoulder, or hip. To prevent patient from suffering from any dislocations
it’s important to practice caution when doing daily living activities such as,
avoiding standing on an unstable item like a chair for examples. It is also important
to have an injury prof house or office, tips to make them safer is to, remove
any old rugs and replace them with new ones or a nonskid rug to avoid any possible
falls, and moving any electric cable in the way too, preventing patient from tripping
on them. Finally, it could be useful to wear protective gear when doing sports
to protect patient from injures.



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