The childhood will affects the growth of the

article illustrates about the ways to strengthen the bond among family members.
The author is serious because family especially parents should to carry out
their respective responsibilities in building close relationships between
children. The ways to strengthen the bond among family members by parents must give
support and security, by maintain interaction and communication among family
members and by spending quality time together.

            Firstly, parents should give support and security to
their children about their personal lives and challenges they face. Many
parents nowadays are busy working until they using gadget to “babysit” their
children. This causes children to feel ignored by their parents. The quality of
parenting in educating children since childhood will affects the growth of the
children. Thus, parents should give full attention to their children.

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            Secondly, interaction and communication among family
members is important to develop a happy family. Gadget has blocked interaction
and face-to-face communication among family members. For example, when family
members meet each other, they hardly talk as they are too busy texting or
surfing internet. Thus, parents need to limit the use of gadget so that there
is communication among family members.

            Thirdly, parents should concerned of their children’s
problem and interest by spending quality times with them. Children who spend
more time on social media are more exposed to unhealthy and harmful elements
such as pornographic materials. The statistic shows that 42.8% of young adults and
29.9% of teenagers were exposed to pornographic materials. Thus, parental
guidance is important to nip this problem.

            We fully agree with the author that parents nowadays are
busy working until they neglect their responsibilities to their children. The
author had mentioned that children started learn how to behave through their
observation of their parents’ behaviour at home. So, parents must shows a good
attitudes to be a role model for children.  The author also highlights that parents should
monitor their children’s activities and with who they be friends because
children are spent more time at home than in school. By doing so, any
destructive activities that can destroyed their future can be prevent.

            In conclusion, we reaffirm our stand that parents should
take action to overcome the problems that can prevent the family bond. We hope
that parents nowadays will not ignored their responsibilities and will fulfil
their role as a parents so that their children will not neglected.