The three issues I picked to compare and
contrast between the view of the Republics verse the Democrats are the
environment, education and gun control.

In regards to
the issue of the environment, the Democrats believe that it is the governments’
job to regulate protecting the environment by restoring, preserving, and
conserving different landscapes. The Democrats believe that a healthy
environment is a baseline for different industries such as tourism and by
promoting new technologies to protect the environment new jobs are
created.  They also believe that a
healthy environment will have a positive impact on the economy. The Republicans
believe that the key to environmental protection is private property ownership
because it has developed management of the environment and they believe the
solution to the environmental problems is market-based. One belief that both
the Republicans and Democrats have is that the public should have access to more
lands so they can do recreational activities. In my opinion, I agree with the
Democrats because you need a healthy environment before you can think a healthy

In regards to
the issue of education, the Democrats want more federal regulation while
Republicans want less federal regulation. Democrats want to strength public schools
and support loans given out by the federal government. The Republicans believe
that federal student aid is unstable and the federal government shouldn’t be
involved in student loans and that loans should be offer by the private sector
with the government serving as an insurance sponsor. They believe that parents
and there children should have a choice in there education and the government
should have less control. I agree with the republicans on the fact that parents
and there children should have more control on should have more control over their
education but I disagree that student loans should be from the private sector.

In regards to
the issue of gun control, the Democrats want logical legislation to control who
can buy guns while the Republicans are against any legislation that restricts
gun rights. The Democrats view on the issue is that the strict execution of
current laws and a stronger background check system with regulations on child safety
locks as well as photo license I.D, background check, and gun safety test at
time of purchase. The Republicans view on the issue is that that the Second
Amendment gives individuals the right to keep and bear arms and they oppose any
national licensing because they think it a violation of the Second Amendment. I
agree with the Democrats to have some logical legislation to prevent guns
getting into hand of criminals because without some control anyone can have a
gun which in turn can cause gun violence to go up.


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