The first attraction to anyone visiting national capital is its spectacular and conspicuous cleanliness that places it among the cleanest cities incontinent. However, there’s additional to visualize and waste this town than simply its neat and nicely made-up streets.Windhoek could be a historic city; it’s one amongst wherever social policy was ferociously pursued in South West Africa further because of the theatre of the struggle for freedom. the varied structures and monuments that dot its very little house attest to the city’s history and a visit would be enough to travel back in time. the standard among tourists within the town a variety of colonial buildings, and sites just like the Heroes’ Acre.

The Acre has over one hundred seventy-five graves that ar record for Namibians regarding the pain of the past and also the hope for a prosperous future. conjointly of interest to several guests is that the white obelisk within the town. magnificently designed with white marble and black granite, the obelisk could be a distinct landmark that’s visible from the town center.This is one amongst the oldest buildings in the national capital. Originally engineered by Schutztruppe as a defense, Alte Feste is currently a depository value its salt in the national capital. Alte Feste could be a place for a leisurely stroll whereas loving its fascinating structure and imposing frame or/and learning one thing regarding Windhoek’s history, and its past military would possibly.The craft center homes thirty freelance stalls with a range of ancient Namibian work further as exciting innovative art and craft. Thus, there’s few higher different place to buy for souvenirs in national capital than here.

settled in Associate in Nursing previous distillery, the South West Africa Craft Centre parades quality carvings, pottery, work, jewelry and paintings, all sourced directly from producers. And if these don’t interest you, why not go straight to the Craft Café for delicious cakes and coffees, or juices made up of wild figs and plums, organic wines and craft beers.


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