The colt revolver is one of the most

The colt revolver is one of the most revolutionary weapons ever. This weapon helped win many battles thanks to the way it reloads. How the name was coined “revolver” was because of the spinning cylinder that holds the ammunition. Samuel Colt, who invented the weapon, was an intelligent man that made history with his patent for a spinning cylinder on a gun. This weapon has been in many points in history, even being wielded by western greats like Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy. So how was the revolver invented and how was it used?First of all, I am going to start with who invented the Colt single action army revolver. That man is Samuel Colt. Colt was an American inventor, born on July 19, 1814, that was made famous by his idea to put a spinning cylinder on a pistol, contrary to the muskets at the time that took minutes to reload. Colt was always interested in mechanical processes and how things work. This lead to him sailing on the Corvo where he got his idea of a spinning cylinder from a wheel on the boat. Colt had opened up a rifle business that failed, but thanks to a need for guns in the civil war, the Army bought and abundance of Colt’s revolvers that made his industry boom.You may have asked what is a Colt revolver and what was it used for. The first generation of Colt’s revolvers were made in the 1840’s and didn’t see much action until the military bought them for the civil war. This weapon was a great improvement on the slow firing muskets at the time, and allowed for a quick six shots and faster reloading. The revolver even saw some action for self protection all over America, but mostly in the west. This weapon, referred to as a six shooter to most westerns at the time, has been wielded by many great western cowboys such as Wyatt Earp.The Colt revolver made a huge movement in the weapon industry. After Colt came up with the idea for the revolver, many people soon followed with their own guns such as Smith and Wesson. These weapons being new at the time, made it easier to manufacture weapons because there was no handmade parts. These parts could be made easier and more efficiently than their handmade counterparts. Also, this weapon made the rifle industry more profitable because the American Military wanted modern weapons to get an advantage on their enemies. The weapon itself has gone through a few generations, but hasn’t really changed much. However the weapon type (revolver) has. Going through many changes like getting rid of the firing caps, making changes to the calibers it shoots, and just the general form. The use of the weapon has gone down. Now the Colt single action army is just being used as nice display piece in a museum and personal collection, and if you’re lucky you can get to fire one for just to experience the weapon. But the revolver group as a whole is being used in modern times as a weapon for hunting, and self defense. In conclusion, Samuel colt came up with a revolutionary idea to make a weapon better. The revolver made it easier to reload and fire, the western outlaws and militaries being particularly attracted to these revolvers. The revolver also made the rifle industry boom by making rifle manufacturing easier. Thanks to Colt, many wars have been won because of his weapon.