The source of communication is the sender who has amessage to impart. (Jossey-Bass, 1988) The sender has to decide how to convey amessage, which channel is to be chosen for the message and what kind ofstrategies ought to be planned so that the massage makes the desired response. Thesource of this fragrance advertisement is Avon Products, known as Avon. The primarygoal that set up by Avon company is to improve women’s’ live and as a companythat brands itself as ‘the company for women,’ therefore Avon company eliminateingredients of the products which linked to breast cancer. (Green CenturyFunds, 2014) One of their famous product is The Clearskin Professional DailyCorrecting Lotion was intended to decrease the large pores problem and to controlsebum.

These goals are important for individual who looking to ameliorate theirskin problem and to get rid of acne. Cleaner pores mean less breakouts and lessbacteria breeding. The price of Avon products is pretty affordable for careerwoman and overall the Avon products are inexpensive, especially purchasedduring the sales period. (The Dermatology Review, 2013)


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