‘The appearance of the various retail stores owned by Prada makes
customer’s smile and forget about everything that was happening in their life..’
(Tungate , 2008 : 21). These unique architectural designs can transform a
person’s mood by accessing his more profound and innermost feelings through the
use of different styles. Just like her fashion design that relies on the
unexpected or strange ideas, Prada retail shop design also focuses on using
external architectural elements to develop amazing retail stores across the
globe. Most
of the architects working for Prada strive to connect the fashion stores to
life resulting in revolutionary designs and architectural pieces. One of the
areas that Prada values more is the expression people have towards her fashion
techniques and style. She always claims that the minds of individuals are the
same and it makes it easy to influence their attitude and expression. By
developing amazing brands of fashion space, Prada can control the expression of
people towards her business. The unique architecture that is used in the stores
helps in promoting a brand identity for the products sold by the fashion
designer. Through art, different architects can link the future and the present
by developing essential brands that allow retail stores to strive. Most of the
architectural styles used in the stores help create harmony between the type of
fashions sold and the designs of the retail stores. The combination of the fashion
design and architecture is greatly used by Prada style which enables her to
create a high brand image for her products. The high brand name and image help
in promoting the overall sales of the products and ensure the company remains
competitive throughout the business period. 
Unlike Armani, Prada does not use the minimalist approach to design her
stores. Prada prefers to design stores that outshine the general architectural
world. She combines different fine materials and innovates new methods and
design techniques that are used to design her stores. The principle of
depending on “ugliness to create unique outcomes” is the same theory
that is used to 


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