The Convention on Climate Change. Conclusion: It is

The severe
lack of infrastructure if not addressed within Europe could be the cause of the
social, economic and cultural demise of the European Union. In 2011 the
European Parliament, Directorate-general for internal policies produced a
report on climate refugees which discussed the legal and policy responses to
environmentally induced migration. This report found that several protection
gaps exist regarding environmental induced displacement, in particular in the
case of slow-onset migration and displacement across borders. Different policies
and responses are needed at each stage of environmentally induced migration,
ranging from actions to mitigate climate change, the offer of protection during
the phase of displacement and (re)integration or resettlement measures in the
last stage. Although the extension of the scope of the Geneva Refugee
Convention is often cited as one possible option to address the protection gap,
there is growing consensus that it is neither a realistic nor a desirable
scenario. Although the option of broadening the guiding principles on
internally displacement is discussed as the most promising approach in the
literature it is challenging considering the deficiencies in their
implementation and their incorporation into national legal frameworks. The
creation of a specific legal framework which applies to environmental induced
migration is unlikely to materialize. Another discussed option at the global
level is the addition of a protocol on climate-induced migration to the United
Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.


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It is clear to see that this is an extremely complex
issue that is vulnerable to a wide range of external factors i.e. climate,
geographical location, politics, culture and economy. Many countries around the
world including Europe will need to implement technical climate refugee status
for incoming migrants along with essential resources i.e. temporary housing,
efficient security checks, food, water and safety measures and educations
systems. In July 2015, the heat index in Bandar Mahshahr, Iran, reached 74°C.
It is certain that the climate in large parts of Middle East and North Africa
will render regions uninhabitable. 16 of thw 17 hottest years ever measured
with instruments have occurred in the past 17 years. Europe has not escaped
unscathed in 2003 a European heat wave concentrated in France killed 70,000
people. The increase in natural disaster has dramatically increased and now is
the time to implement effective policy. Our global civilization is now at a
point of decision and the complex issues of the climate refugee crisis in
Europe need to be discussed now and an action framework must be devised.  (Al Gore, An Inconvenient Sequel TRUTH TO
POWER 2017)