The play Inherit The Wind written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee begins in Hillsboro, Tennessee when a teacher, Bertram Cates teaches the forbidden Darwin Theory breaking the Butler Law. Matthew Harrison Brady the prosecutor and Henry Drummond the defense attorney came to the small religious town of Hillsboro for the trial. Henry Drummond a successful defense attorney well known for defending notorious criminals, agrees to defend Cates on trial because he believes in the freedom of thought. Henry Drummond is an admirable character because he is valiant, loyal, and caring.    Firstly, Henry Drummond is an admirable character because he is valiant. Drummond is valiant because he stands up for what he believes is right. Drummond fought for man’s right to think as well as the right to be wrong. He agreed to defend Cates because of his belief in freedom of thought. He shows that he has no patients for these narrow minded people who only criticize the beliefs of others . The people of Hillsboro call him an atheist and agnostic but the readers never find out what his religion is. However shows he is not against any religion but is standing against the Butler Law for people to have the freedom to think for themselves.  Drummond says “The Bible is a book. It’s a good book, but it is not the only book”. (98 Lawrence and Lee). When Drummond says this he is showing that he is not against the bible or religion but that there are other beliefs. When Drummond says this he is making a valiant effort to show the jury and the people of Hillsboro he is not an atheist or agnostic but that people should have the freedom to think, thus making him admirable. Secondly, Drummond is an admirable character because he is loyal. He showcases his loyalty to Cates when  he supports Cates while almost all of Hillsboro is against him. Drummond is committed to defending Cates and respects him greatly for having a voice and standing up while everyone else is sitting down. Drummond was sent by the Baltimore Herald to defend Cates on trial. He is a lawyer known for taking on difficult cases. Cates taught his class Evolution which is illegal because of the Butler Law, he admits teaching Evolution and therefore is already guilty of breaking the law. Drummond has a number of expert witnesses such as a zoologist, a geologist, an archaeologist, a philosopher and an anthropologist. Brady objects to every witness while the judge sustains leaving Drummond with no one to put on stand. Drummond does not give up easily showing his loyalty to this case. When Drummonds says “Bertram Cates spoke quietly one spring afternoon in the Hillsboro High School is no crime!” (83) to the jury. Drummond was trying to help Cates by trying to manipulate the jury’s opinions and feelings on this case. He wanted the jurors to see that it is the law that is what is truly wrong, not Cates. Drummond says this defending Cates showing his loyalty to help Cates in every possible way he can , thus making him admirable.Lastly, Drummond is an admirable character because he is caring. For example, Drummond cared about Brady and he looked past his outrageous views. Drummond is not afraid to show that he cares for Brady. He may have brought Brady to tears on the witness stand but when Brady passes away he refuses to laugh at his old friend. E.K Hornbeck  a newspaper columnist for the Baltimore Herald, has no compassion for Brady and keeps insulting him after his passing. Drummond says “You smart-aleck! You have no more right to spit on his religion than you have a right to spit on my religion! Or my lack of it!” (125) Drummond says this to defend Brady because he cares about him despite their differences. Therefore, Drummond is an admirable character because he is caring.In conclusion, Drummond stood up for freedom of thought, he supported Cates when majority was against him and he was not afraid to show he cared about Brady and his outrageous views. These reasons prove Henry Drummond is an admirable character. All readers can learn something from the admirable Henry Drummond.Work Cited Lawrence, Jerome and Robert E.Lee. Inherit The Wind. New York: Random House Publishing Group, 2003. Print.


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