The IncidentManagement Team is responsible for implementing an emergency communicationssystem to allow situational updates to staff, management, ownership, keystakeholders, customers, critical vendors, and business partners. The IMT isthe liaison with the public first responders, and must be available to answertheir questions regarding evacuation, facility structure, and possible presenceof hazardous materials. In addition, the IMT must coordinate all externalcommunications with Molina’s Corporate Communications / Public InformationOfficer. Communicationsactions performed by the IMT include: ·       Implement employee emergency notification system ·       Maintain a log of all key activities and provideregular status updates  Liaise with public first responders and provide any needed information ·       Insure that the IT team has established both voice anddata communications with Web access and Email  Activate a toll-free employee hotline and record regular update messages  If necessary, activate a conference call bridge and other forms of collaborative communications systems (web chat, white boarding, digital photo sharing) ·       Coordinate the flow of information between the DamageAssessment Team, the business recovery teams, and the ownership of Molina ·       Provide regular updates to all affected parties bothinternal and external for the duration of the emergency incident and recoveryprocess


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