The education program that thrives on children freedom

The Montessori Education Program


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The Montessori Education
Program was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori education program
is a well-known education program that thrives on children freedom of Choice
and group-based centers in the classroom. Dr. Montessori’s realized that every
child has its own unique gifts and talents, which is why she created an
environment for children where they come in each day and choose what they want
to work on. The Method for the Montessori program has been tested all over the
world and statistics it has over 100 years of success. Even though I prefer the
Montessori education program, it is a great choice because I believe children
are more likely to benefit from it than other programs based on the structure
that enhanced hands-on learning, social interaction, and independence.


The classroom that uses the
Montessori Education Program has unique designs.  The design of the classroom promotes hands-on
learning. the best thing about a Montessori environment is that it allows for
children to learn hands-on at their own individual pace. Studies show that the
best for children to learn something is by doing it. It is just like learning
to ride a bike. To learn how to ride a bike a child must go outside to try out
a bike rather than attempting to learn how from a book. When small children use
all their senses it helps their brain create a pathway which that allow them to
retain information at a fast pace.

Social Interaction

The Montessori Education
Program enhanced social skill. In program allows mixing children of different
age groups together, which promotes children learning and helping one another.
Learning and helping one another is a very valuable skill to gain and use in
society. Children learning and playing helps develop teamwork skill. Teamwork
skills will come to handle children throughout lives. With class activity
stations for children to choose from throughout the day, children are to learn to communicate verbally with peers. Social
interaction at an early age stage is a major
factor in children learning to speak effectively to communicate their idea clearly.


The Montessori Education
Program learning process is self-directed. Studies show that the program built
a sense of Independence, which develops creative freedom in children. The
program helps children developing an entrepreneurial skill mindset. The
environment gives children the opportunity to think for themselves. If children
don’t have the independence they could in end up having problems think for
themselves because they have got used to the idea of having someone else, there
to do it for them.


I prefer the Montessori
education program. Based on the structure that enhanced hands-on learning,
social interaction and independence the Montessori Education Program is a great
choice. Children and families are more likely to benefit from it than the other
programs.  Montessori education Program
would be a perfect fit for my future classroom. I strongly agree with Dr. Maria
Montessori Methods for the Montessori program.