The man known as “The King of Pop” and “The Gloved One” has impacted the world like no other for over four decades. Michael Jackson was arguably the most successful music artist of his time and contributed in various ways other than in the genre of pop. He has influenced and opened the door for many of today’s artists with his unique style and charismatic personality. He revolutionized the culture and knocked down the barrier for young African Americans to accomplish any goal no matter what obstacle stands in the way. Since his days performing songs with his older brothers as apart of the Jackson 5, the potential was as high as the stars for young Michael. He poured his heart out in every track that he produced during his glorious career, which cativated his millions of fans that adored his every move. Behind the fame and fortune, the personal life of the King of Pop wasn’t in the very best state throughout his life. He went through legal issues, divorces, body disorders, and financial issues. Being a highly successful person comes with a lot of obstacles but through all of the trials and tribulations, he strived hard to make millions of dollars and produce plenty of platinums that were loved by the whole world.   The morning of August 29, 1958 granted Katherine Esther Jackson and Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson their eighth child, Michael Joseph Jackson. He was delivered into a small home in Gary, Indiana. The house always had a taste for good music. Katherine dreamed of being a country-and-western performer with the ability to play piano and clarinet. She also enlighten her children about folk and religious songs as they sang along with a passion. Michael’s father, who worked at a steel plant to provide for the huge family, also aspired to become a successful musician. He vowed to take every chance to make success of his children when his plan had died. Coming to a strong conclusion that his children were destined for greatness, Joseph formed the Jackson 5 with his boys: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael.


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