The for each cleaning existing in the market.

The cleaning of offices and buildings
The cleaning of offices and buildings is an essential need in the
day to day of a large number of our customers. The conservation and
preservation of a careful and hygienic environment, both in buildings in its
general computation and in the field of offices, is necessary to guarantee the
correct performance of the work of our clients. A perfect image goes through
the care of the facilities, in this case, buildings and office, something for
and for what cleaning Barcino, SA works.

office cleaning

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Our services, specially designed for the cleaning of
offices, offices and other administrative workplaces, will provide clean and
pleasant work environments. Having a working environment in perfectly hygienic conditions
is a very positive factor when it comes to guaranteeing a productive and
efficient environment. These can be made at the most convenient times for your
business. More than 400 companies and 3000 work centers rely on Cleaning
Barcino, SA to clean their offices and offices. Request our references.

Personnel, methods and cleaning

Our services are guaranteed by a complete team of qualified
professionals with a wide experience and specialization in the cleaning of
offices and offices. Also, we have specialists in different types of technical
cleaning such as glass, ceilings, lighting, flooring, and graffiti. Limpiezas
Barcino, SA has for its work the most modern machinery and the most appropriate
tools for each cleaning existing in the market. We also have a large fleet of
vehicles that allow us to access any point where their facilities are located.

Cleaning of buildings

We have specialized personnel in the development of activities,
both special and usual cleaning, the collection of waste generated in the
building and the provision of products, materials and hygiene, used in it, with
periodic computerized supervision, to obtain The quality demanded by the
client, which is our goal as a cleaning company .

Personnel, methods and cleaning

Our highly qualified and constantly trained personnel guarantee
the quality of our usual jobs and special works such as cleaning facades,
glass, graffiti, ceilings, etc. Counting for the realization of them with the
most efficient tools and machinery in the market. We also have a fleet of
vehicles equipped to perform any service anywhere in the country.