present report is the outcome of my internship which I carried in PUNJAB
EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT (PVT) LTD. “PEEF” is an initiative of the Government of Punjab under
the leadership of Chief Minister, Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. It is
established with the objective of providing scholarships/monetary assistance to
talented and needy students for pursuing quality education with equal
opportunities. PEEF endeavours to bring best educational opportunities to the
less privileged and talented youth of Punjab, and bring them at par with the
most fortunate ones. I was offered with
an internship from PEEF at their Lahore office through my university administration.

The purpose of this report is to critically analyze the
Human Resources Department of “PEEF”. This reports indicates the major problems
existing in Human Resource (HR) Department in PEEF. Keeping in view the
deficiencies I am analyzing the Department.

department is like a back bone of an organization. It encourages the
organization to Manage Human capital and maximum utilization from labor or
Human Capital. As the Department is not working productively and isn’t playing
out their obligations well so here I am discussing some of the major issues of
department which are creating obstacles in Expansion and running of organization
and also recommending some points to make the department proficient.








PEEF is created with the mission of giving
the scholarships and monetary help to the capable and meriting student for keep
going the quality education with open doors. It conveys great instructive
chances to the less advantaged and skilled youth of Punjab, and carry them with
the most fortunate ones.

They utilize a decent approach which is proactive
approach, in which the awards are given at the doorstep of the capable and
meriting understudies. The grants are granted Tehsils and District astute



During my Organization
Based Learning (OBL) in PUNJAB EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT FUND. I have noticed that
their Human Resource (HR) Department is

Not working efficiently
due to which the company in not getting maximum from employees. As I Noticed
the employees are very capable and experienced but, due to

Weak HR department
their efficiency is very Low.



Problem Statement:


of HR Practices”








Literature review



Human Resource Development (HRD) is the
structure for helping representatives builds up their own and organizational
skills, information, and capacities. The concentration of all parts of Human
Resource Development is on building up the most unrivaled workforce with the
goal that the association and individual representatives can achieve their work
objectives in support of customers. (Susan M. Heathfield)

Carefully selecting employees doesn’t guarantee
they will perform effectively. Even high potential employees can’t do their
jobs if they don’t know what to do or how to do. Making sure your employees do
know what to do and how to do it is the purpose of orientation and
training.(Garry Dessler)

Human resource strategy is basically a strategy
made to manage the workforce and also the designing of jobs to proper utilize
the workforce. Human resource dept. is connected with all other departments and
helps the organization in implementation of production plans, operations plans,
marketing and sales plans and financial plans. It manages the workforce to
achieve all these plans and HR department have full eye of the working of all
the employees. (Jay Heizer)

Individuals resemble shaded glass, they
sparkle and sparkle in daylight, and however their real magnificence turn out
from inside, when there is dim outside. The productive and capable individual
has his spot in group by his endeavors while a weak or disable individual make
the entire group disturbed and the works suffer. (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)

Hax (1985) underlined the basic piece of HR
system by determining that for keeping up the firm finished the long time and achieving
long connection with clients, HR methodology is imperative to make and follow
up on particularly composed objectives and to make certain effective
arrangements or techniques. It is taken as an essential some portion of
affiliation’s corporate and business level frameworks. HR designs ought to
accord to condition of organization yet this arranging ought to be for a drawn
out stretch of time. The Recruiting, selecting, training, estimation of
execution, organization are the activities which are doing in supervision of stakeholders
or concerning people. Specialized or Expertise people are worried about the
expert check and adjust on exercises furthermore, preparing programs for the
people who join their association. (Baron et al)

As described by Edwards and Pearce (1988) Human
resource arranging is particularly essential for rising, fast develop and
transforming business. Transforming business requiring new products,
administration, markets, acquisitions or divestitures ought to in like manner
intend to perceive, attract or then again reallocate the capacity essential for
renewal and continued with Contention. For satisfying getting ready and job
change needs of representatives and fulfilling administration demands, movement
organizing and association advancement possess have a basic part. The in-house supply
of work is more than required, this issue of asset modification ought to be

Capable administration increases the
proficiency of organization.  Effectives
of representatives increment the general execution of organization and help the
organization to accomplish their objectives in due time. In most recent fifty
years there are numerous theories by various creators which are demonstrating
that great authority impact the entirety administration and increase the
effectiveness of company. In the time of worldwide rivalry it is fundamental
for an association to pick such leadership to contend with alternate
organizations or organization want to make due in current time of today
business condition. Researchers are putting worry to pick dynamic and able
authority since worker execution and authority are specifically corresponding,
if authority is great, worker will buckle down and if authority is week then
worker won’t perform appropriately which have terrible effect on an
organization. (Oluseyi et al., 2009)

Speamerfam (2011) presenting a clear picture in
words that utilizing the best capacity for the affiliation is the activity of
HR division. HR helps the association to pick the best and reasonable
individual for a required post. HR inspects the individual before his choice
and furthermore check the capacities of that individual.




















The basic purpose of human resource management is to get maximum from
a person. It was noticed that there was no proper check and balance on employees
at “PEEF”. HR department is not paying serious attention towards checking the
working and performance of employees. In result they are failing to get maximum
from employee, which is damaging and slowing the performance of “PEEF”.


It is also the duty of HR department to hire a right person for a
right place. But at “PEEF” there is no implementation of merit in some cases.
As many employees are getting jobs on the base of relationships with any other employee
of organization. And in case of relationship merit is totally ignored and
non-capable persons are getting jobs in company sometimes.

They don’t have enough workforce or labor in some department and
then Contract Workers are hired for some specific tasks or projects. It is the
responsibility of HR dept to check the deficiency of work force and manage new workers
for required post but HR dept is not properly focusing on such things and not
helping “PEEF” to cover the necessary gaps.

There is no system of incentives to employees which play a vital
role in motivating the employees.

It is the duty of HR department to check the performances of employees
and give them incentives and rewards on their achievements and should motivate
them. As their HR department is not active in such things so employees are not
working properly and showing lack of interest in working.


At PEEF required vacancies are not getting fill in time and key
business capacities and operations are getting influenced and have a bad impact
on growth of organization. Same Hierarchy level is not followed in some

Human resource department is like a bridge between employer and employee.
It helps employee to reduce his tension and work load and on the other side it
helps employees to communicate with employer.

There is no proper internal communication channel at “PEEF”. Inter
departmental conflicts can also harm the inner environment of company which can
affect the productivity of organization.

It has been observed that HRM is not working properly for management
of Human Capital. There are no proper job descriptions.

No goals or targets are given to employees except the contract
workers due to which they don’t work properly.

Hard working attitudes are getting influenced due to above
mentioned reasons. They are not properly getting utilize from their human capital
and abilities of experienced workers.

A weak HR administration system has damaging outcomes for an
association. It influences the execution of a business and the profitability
levels of workers.

For a healthy environment it is necessary to organize get to
gathers, meetings or any other activities for refreshment of employees. HR dept.
is not active for organizing get to gathers or any other social activity of employees.
Due to which employees are getting mentally disturbed and bored with routine.









There should be proper check and balance on
employees. HR

department should keep view on every single
activity of employees.

They should work on this Principle “Right
Person on Right

Job”. It is necessary for every successful

HR department should make a monthly report on
progress of each employee individually.

HR department should give reward and
incentives to hard working employees on their achievements.

HR Department should organize get to gathers
or other activities. To refresh employees and make them active.

Same Hierarchy should be followed in every

Job descriptions should clearly define to
every employee from

the very first day.

HR department should work as arbitrator in
case of any clash

between employees.

Recruiting and selection of employees should
be on basis of




Al though PEEF is one
of the most successful Non-Profit organization but there are some weaknesses in
management of organization. Human Resource department is like backbone of
management. Here I discussed some weaknesses of HR department. By covering
these weaknesses PEEF can make progress more quickly and serve its market share
by educating the children’s through its different programs for tomorrow


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