The happened during WW1 and for all the

The Nazi
Holocaust was when a man named Adolf Hitler in 1933 had power over Germany.
Hitler took many Jews, put them into work camps, and killed them. Hitler blamed
the Jews for the defeat that happened during WW1 and for all the economic
problems that was happening in Germany. 
In Rwanda, the same thing happened. Tutsis people were killed by the
Hutu, using militia, and inhumane killing ways like clubs and machetes.  In the end of both situations no one came out
winning, and it did nothing to help anyone. Many people died for the reason of
other people wanting to be selfish. One important comparison is that both
actions caused many people to die without any outcome that helped either sides.

Rwanda is
one of the smallest countries in Central Africa, with only 7 million people,
and is made up of two major ethnic groups. The Hutu and the Tutsi. Hutus was
majority of the population, but Tutsi manipulated and used the Hutu people. After
the independence from Belgium, Hutu turn everything around and started oppressing
the Tutsi and acting on discrimination and acts of violence towards the Tutsi.

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The Germans
had this idea that the Jews thought that they were better than they were. The
death tolls were extremely high. 5.1 million people died, and that is not
including homosexuals, people with disabilities etc…. The Germans though that
killing the Jews would change something, do some great importance to the Jews,
but it didn’t.  Hitler even enforced Nuremberg
Laws to which stripped the Jews of having a normal life. These laws made it
illegal for Jews to be in a relationship with anyone else but another Jew,
removed children from being able to learn. After these Laws were set into
place, many Jews were taken to their deaths at concentration camps.

The main
difference between the Holocaust and what happened in Rwanda is that when the
Holocaust was happening the other countries could do nothing to help the Jews.
In Rwanda killing, all the other countries knew about it and could have helped
but they decided they did not want to. One the killings started, the other countries
did nothing about it.  Also, another main
difference. When the Holocaust started, the Jews never tried to start a revolt
to stop what was going on.  The Tutsis
eventually got tired of getting taken advantage of getting killed, and killed
over one hundred thousand Hutus.

In conclusion,
both Genocides are terribly similar and both brought tragedy and death. Both
terrible events have marked our lives to this day. Many people were abused and
put through so much more than anyone can imagine in their life. But for better
or for worse these horrible events in history helped mold the world today and
taught us very important lessons we will hopefully keep using them, that no
life is more important than another.