The I checked the controls and went back

The Planet Of SkudakumoochoowteLeila OwensMarch 4, 3032…It was a warm day on the little shuttle (orbiting the small sun in a nether region wasn’t always the warmest). I awakened tired but with a burst of energy I leaped out of my robotic bed and started my weekly log about my journey. You might not know who I am, My name is Lunna. I am an Adventurer Of the stars  this is my 3rd year on the ship I refer to as Du?a (pet spirit). Du?a transmits her voice throughout the ship so I don’t have anything to worry about. I checked the controls and went back to my artificial hibernating.March 11, 3032… I awakened with a crash. My shuttle was taken out of orbit from the small sun and it was floating down fast! Du?a was disabled and I was stranded… I am stranded. On the uninhabited planet of Skudakumoochoowte.March 12, 3032… The forest filled crater of the planet was cold and when I stepped of the smoking ship. An eerie chill filled my body, that’s when I heard the crack…then a boom.My ship, the only this I knew and loved for years was slowly falling into the darkness of the planet. I yelled and screamed for help but I soon found there was nothing I could do. All the things that have happened in the last 24 hours came to me all at once. My heart raced and I broke down crying.. Now I know what to do. I was raised to be organized so I made a list, a list of how to keep me alive   Backpack full of suppliesShelter with air holesIf you run out of firewood use ash cookingLook for cavesGET FOODI set up camp With little material, A small tarp,  branches from trees in the surrounding area, and mud and leaves from The little Pond next to the crash site. It took me days to get used to non artificial forms of slumber. The food situations were getting low also.March 13, 3032… I awakened this morning with frost on half of my shelter and scruciating Heat on the other side. I guess today was a good enough day as any to try to climb the walls of the crater. I attempted to crawl up the side without help of any outside technology.  but I found that to be Unrealistic for the circumstances.  I created a machine to boost & Lift Me Up on to the side of the large crater. This method was effective and got me to the surface of the small planet. I walked across a plane of glass like ice,  inside of the inches of thick ice you can see gigantic glowing jellyfish slowly moving around in the Jell-O like liquid inside. I got to the edge of the bare plane of ice And looked into the thick  Forest. The small creatures inside the forest where deformed and looked mutan like. I could assume that there was a small radiation leak over the years from the very interesting Sun, But I can’t assume it was the sun because I could also infer that it was the dark matter in between the Sun and the small planet.         Note of one creature in particular (should be called Oryctolagus Macaca Fascicularis): has monkey arms and a weirdly shaped upper body. Long feet (rabbit like) The kindness of the creature is off garding. I found myself wandering through thick forests I could only hear the rustle of the animals and the heartbeat in my throat. I looked up to see……..To be continued