The decision and my approach,one that my parents instilled and honed, enabled me to perform in myeducational pursuits due to which I received 99.37 Percentile Rank in mySecondary School Certificate examination wherein I got 96 on 100 marks inEnglish and 90 marks in both Mathematics and Science out of 100 marks.

Due tomy interest, I took Science stream for my Higher Secondary Certificateeducation and successfully completed it with 86.50 Percentile Rank and I scoredhighest in Mathematics and Computer i.e., 73 and 79 marks respectively on thescale of 100 marks. I did my schooling throughout from Darshan High Schoolunder Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. The encouragingand motivating teachers of my school fostered high values and noble qualitiesin me for which I am grateful for.

Besides acing the academic results, I havebeen part of most of extracurricular programs. 


I'm Katy!

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