twentieth century and now I will look in Alfie Kohn’s work from 2006. Giving a
few different theoretical perspectives from different time periods over the
last 80 years.

critiques many aspects of what is the traditional education. His main criticism
falls on the use of competition or external factors as motivation.

believes that societies that are based on extrinsic motivations lose their effectiveness
over time.

that he looks into and questions are the management system that take place in
the mainstream education. He says that positions of authority are normally
uncommon and these systems assume that all people have this competitive nature
inside of them when in fact he doesn’t believe this is the case. He says that
systems such as the positive enforcement systems only encourage students and
people to only seek out this positive enforcement rather than truly learn what
is being taught to them. This reflects back into what my mentor teacher was
saying that they would get too distracted by the reward rather than the meaning
or the requirement behind the reward system. He believes that in an ideal
classroom, curiosity and cooperation are key factors. He says the student’s curiosity
is what should determine what is taught. This somewhat links into Glassers idea
that we are led by 5 key needs and this influences what we learn. What differs
here to Glassers principles of high expectations is that he argues that
standards should be kept very minimal and he is critical of standardized testing.
He also says that a strict curriculum and homework aren’t beneficial to student



believes in a more traditional classroom room. He says that most teacher rely
too heavily on outside motivational factors such as reward systems rather than
more the student being independent. He believes that teachers should always
keep cooperation as one of the key factors within the classroom but also says that
when curiosity is nurtured, rewards and punishments should not be needed within
the classroom.



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