The innovation of Bluetooth provides numerous benefits on society and economics. Unlike cell phones, which have to transmit a signal to an antenna that might be many miles away, Bluetooth headsets only need to reach the phone in your pocket. Bluetooth usually has a range of only 30 feet. This is due to the use of low-power radio waves, Bluetooth gives out one thousand times less radiation than a cell phone. Bluetooth is not only safer with regard to radiation but it increases  the fundamentals of safety, such as in the car. Bluetooth has allowed a driver to listen to smartphone music from car speakers, narrate and listen to text messages aloud, and tether a smartphone with a car’s navigation system and avoid major distractions ending in a fatal result. In many more cases bluetooth prevailed to be the dominant option. However the negative effects of radiation are still present, and long term use could cause several life threatening effects. While it’s true that levels of radiation given off by bluetooth headsets and devices is below what the regulatory agencies consider “safe”, there are many who question whether it is actually safe. The radiation that Bluetooth gives out is called microwave radiation and according the people at, The long term effects of microwave radiation exposure includes cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, alzheimer’s, autism, ADD, miscarriages, birth defects, autoimmune illnesses,multiple sclerosis, hair loss, and even suicide. 2d) The innovation of Bluetooth is used so two seperate devices can link together and share information with each other. A bluetooth device must run an inquiry to try and discover the other. Once the device sends out the inquiry request, any device listening for the request will respond with its address, and possibly other information. When two Bluetooth devices establish a communications channel, they both create an initialization key, an Initialization key occurs when two devices haven’t communicated yet. A passkey is inputted and the initialization key is created, and then the link key is calculated using that. After, the link key is used for authentication. The first security concern is the passkey. If a hacker is able to discover a users passkey, he can calculate possible initiation keys, and then from that, calculate the link key and from there get ahold of the connection. Another hacking technique is called bluebugging, and it involves accessing a phone’s commands which enables a hacker to make phone calls, add or delete contact info, or eavesdrop on the phone owner’s conversations. Both of which are hard to accomplish due to bluetooths short range connection of about 30 feet.


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