Thearticle illustrates the benefits of reading that we can have in our life.

Theauthor’s tone is optimistic and advocates are important because reading a bookbuilds your imagination and contributes to the betterment of the country.Firstof all, reading helps us to be creative and inventive. We should read at ayoung age. Parent plays an important role for children to start reading andmake reading as a habit. Children should be told about the benefits of readingbecause people who love reading will become creative and inventive. Forexample, reading can help us to ease into university life better as we can joinany club easily such as book club and it can help us to gain a greaterappreciation for a literary field.

Moreover,reading helps us to become open-minded. A book opens our mind to the new waysof thinking, perceiving and doing things. It will expand our awareness andperception, so we can draw into conclusion without relying on others. Forexample, we can gain self-confidence, knowledge, and self-improvement byreading a finance book that shows us how to be a successful person.Furthermore,reading helps us to have empathy’s feeling towards each where we can understandor feel what had another person experiencing from within the person’s frame ofreferences. So, it helps the reader to have the ability to understand andexperience the thought and feeling of another person. An instant, fantasy noveluses mythical creatures such as orcs, elves, and dwarves to explore issues suchas prejudice and racism.Iagree with the writer that reading brings a lot of benefit to everyone.

So,every parent should encourage their children to start reading at a young agebecause the nation needs someone who is smart and intelligent who can thinkfurther to become the creators of a new economy and bring changes to thecountry and the world. Inconclusion, a person who enjoys reading will be a different person who had afeeling of empathy and compassion for other and we can comprehend changes andexpress them. Expressing such feeling can produce a calming effect that allowsus to function beyond our self-obsession. Besides, though reading it can helpus to be creative and innovative in solving a problem. Creative does not waitfor a problem to arise but progressively work togenerates ideas for improvement.       


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