The it is expected that the patient opens

The primary role of a nurse is to
provide a patient with primary care. To deliver this primary care effectively
and make it patient centred care, the nurse must establish a good therapeutic relationship
with the patient that he/she will be delivering the care too. Therefore, I
agree with the statement “Regardless of the apparently different clinical
knowledge and skills required to function effectively in different clinical
specialities, there is one reliable constant across all nursing settings, and
that is the nurse patient relationship”.

A therapeutic relationship helps
to build trust and respect between the nurse and the patient. These are
important factors to make a patient feel safe. If a patient would feel safe
with his caregivers it would be more likely that they will be more compliant
and would help to improve the wellbeing of the patient which is the goal of the
nurse. By creating this kind of relationship with a patient it would also help
improve the healthcare provided to be patient centred as it enables the patient
to be an equal partner in the care that is being provided to him/her. This will
also help to achieve wellness.

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A good therapeutic relationship
is established between the healthcare provider and patient fore mostly through
effective communication between both parties. It is important that when
establishing this kind of relationship, one considers both the verbal and
nonverbal aspects of communication. By doing so the interaction between the
nurse and patient can be improved as the nurse would be able to take into
consideration the emotional, spiritual and physical needs. These aspects all
play an important role in helping the patient be more hopeful and acceptant of
the care that he requires. Also by establishing a good therapeutic relationship
with the patient will help with conserving the patient’s dignity.

As indicated by the Pepalu
Interpersonal theory, establishing a good nurse patient relationship will
improve the overall experience of the patient and makes it more humane. In such
relationships it is expected that the patient opens to the nurse when being
given the necessary medical care. On the other hand, the nurse should listen
carefully to the patient intervening when it is necessary, to describe and or
interpret interventions and prescriptions and validating treatment.  By listening to the patient, the nurse would
be able to act as a mediator between the patient and other healthcare
professionals such as doctors to formulate the best treatment strategy specific
to each patient.

By establishing a therapeutic
relationship with the patient, it helps them to conserve their dignity as human
beings, since in this type of care they are given a certain amount of autonomy
in the decision making of the treatment that they would be receiving. This
might also help the patient to accept their illness or condition more easily as
they are kept aware of the situation and they are presented with an action plan
that was created to satisfy their needs to the best.

While it can be argued that to
work effectively in the different clinical specialities a nurse would require
different knowledge and skills, without the ability to effectively communicate
with the patient to get the required information from the patient, to be able
provide patient centred care that is evidence based, a nurse will be unable to
carry out his work in all the different settings that he might be placed in. It
is therefore important that one would be able to develop a therapeutic relationship
which he uses to gain and pass on information from and to the patient. There
are three main competencies that one would have to develop in terms of
knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The first competence being that
of providing patient-centred care that gives full priority to the patient by
the nurse providing the care. Next comes the ability to build a professional
relationship with the patient, which ensures that the patient and the nurse
work hand in hand to achieve stated goals. Thirdly, it is important that as a
nurse evidence based care is practiced. This ensures that medical practices
used are current and up to date with modern standards (Finkelman, Kenner, Finkelman, & American Nurses
Association, 2012). Another important competency to ensure quality and safety
is the adoption of important organisational and system leadership that leads to
quality care improvements.