The It shows that he overcame a lot

The poems of Homer in various ways present such aspects of Greek literature and philosophy as nostos and noos. The aspects are shown really well in the poem “Odyssey” which tells about the long way home (nostos) of a brave and intelligent (noos) hero.

Before starting the analysis of the given abstract, it is necessary to reveal the meaning of aspects, nostos and noos so to make it possible to find out how do they interact in the poem. According to Oxford Dictionary, the word “nostos” means “a homecoming or homeward journey as a literary subject or topos; specifically the return of Odysseus and the other Greek heroes of the Trojan War.” (M. Alexopoulou. p.1) The word “noos” can be interpreted as “a person’s way of thinking.”(S.D. Sullivan, p.21) Both of these aspects can be revealed in the given abstract. The nostos is well shown such phrases as:

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·      When they began rowing out to sea…(line 78);

·      … the ship was speeding ahead…(line 81);

·      … a team of four stallions drawing a chariot over a plain speeds ahead… (line 81-81);

·      … they make their way forward…(line 83);

·      The ship held steadily on its course…(line 86);

·      So did the ship cut its way smoothly through the waves…(line 88).

The noos is shown more poorly but still, the phrase is straightforward and shows the meaning of noos really clear:

“…a man who was like the gods in his knowledge of clever ways…” (89)

Speaking about the relationships between the notions of nostos and noos, the poem itself highlights this connection really well. In fact, the whole poem is built in their relationships as Odysseys was able to return home only due to his intelligence and ability to find the way out of any situation. (S. Montiglio, p.55) He has a number of failures and difficulties on his way home and suffers a lot of pain, which is considered as an important part of nostos. Despite numerous difficulties, he had enough strength to overcome it but it became possible only because of his way of thinking and mind. The idea is highlighted by the phrase:

a man who was like the gods in his knowledge of clever ways, who had beforehand suffered very many pains in his heart, taking part in wars among men and forging through so many waves that cause pain, but now he was sleeping peacefully, forgetful of all he had suffered

It shows that he overcame a lot of difficulties due to his intelligence and now he is in peace as he dealt with everything and now he is almost at home. His noos helped him to overcome his nostos.