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The medical school curriculum is purposed to prepare medical students to be qualified physicians. They are provided with the core knowledge to predispose understanding of the human body and how does it function, throughout premedical, preclinical and clinical years. Still, there is a clear need to teach medical ethics as a solid basis to enhance the medical students’ performance in social and cultural context. In this reflective writing, I will reflect upon human dignity after watching a scene from “The Doctor”.

The scene showed how the professor forced young interns to experience the same medical tests and procedures as their future patients. They were obligated to dress in short hospital gowns, eat form its pre-prepared meals and stay in their assigned rooms. The professor aim was to teach them the importance of empathy and compassion as well as respect for the patients’ dignity. As I imagine myself in the same situation, I get to understand how patients are vulnerable and fragile, so they should be treated with utmost care. They should be treated with equity and equality as they all have the same rights to get the same medical care. Treating them with benefits and no harm in intent are also parts of respecting their dignity. I realized that human dignity is the fundamental of which all other ethics are derived. It is a broad term that emphasizes other human rights.

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Lessons taught from this experience better be applied in life. In order to demonstrate my respect for human dignity as a medical student, I will try to adopt a more polite and empathizing manner when communicating with others. I will try to recognize other’s intrinsic worth as a human being. As in my future career, I will treat patients respectfully, bearing in mind the necessity to fulfill the medical ethics including beneficence, non-maleficence and justice. I will treat my patients according to which will alleviate their suffering. I will be committed to being fair and never sacrifice their dignity neither for the sake of science nor society.

To sum up, it is made clear how crucial it is to be taught medial ethics and put them into practice as medical students and future physicians. Physicians’ role is to ensure the well-being of their patients as well as to put themselves in patients’ shoe. And more importantly, to respect for human dignity which is central to their humane job.