science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” (Edward Teller.)  Today technology is really advance that works
in amazing ways.  Smartphones are so reliable
they are like mini computers, people can access to the internet from anyplace
and anytime.  Also, smartphones have
changed the way people live.  Mobile
devises are helpful in many ways, just by one touch on the smartphone screen, people
can shop, communicate with others, and the most important saving a life.

             First of all, in today’s world, you can
purchase anything from your smartphone apps and it is a time saver.  To be specific, especially for people that do
not have time to go shopping centers because of their busy lives.  Online shopping is the most convenient way to
do so since they can do it anytime.  Furthermore,
modern technology helps you avoid those long waiting lines.  For example, the day after Thanksgiving, “Black
Friday,” people like to go shopping to find the best deals but it gets too crowded.  In contrast, to online shoppers, they can just
hold their smartphone and bypass all the chaos that is going on in the stores.  Also, people can save money on fuel and the
time driving from store to another store. 
Another good reason why shopping on a smartphone is convenient is that
people can compare prices for the same item in different online stores.  Further, people can read reviews of the
product from other consumers, and they can decide if they want to purchase the
item or not.  The best part about cyber
shopping is that consumers have privacy to buy anything they want.

people create social media accounts to communicate with family members that are
far away, and also because is a great way to make new friends.  To be specific, there are countless social
media apps that are available on the smartphone, and most of the apps are free.  Moreover, the best part of the apps is that people
can make calls, send messages, pictures, and video calls to anyone instantly.  For example, people that have family members
in a different country, they can just make a video call or send pictures to one
another with no issues and no extra cost. 
Also, making new friends is easier, just by sending a friend request to
anyone all over the world.  Furthermore,
according to the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said, “as this morning, Facebook
community is now two billion people! We’re making progress connecting the
world, and let’s bring the world closer together.”  Finally, modern technology has change the
world of communication for a better future for youngsters or for the elders.

another good reason why a smartphone is more than just accessory.  With the technology that is built in the smartphones,
people can help save lives to the once that are in need.  For instance, when a child goes missing, the Amber
Alert alarm goes off on the smartphones by giving information about the person
that is missing.  Also, providing information
about the predator that kidnap the child, and by giving details about the
automobile, clothing, and when was the last place they were seen.  Furthermore, according to National Criminal
Justice Reference Service, “In January 2015, the Department of Justice announces
a new partnership with Facebook and Bing to expand the reach of AMBER Alert


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